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Friday Favorites

Friday, December 15, 2017

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We survived another week. It felt like a really long week for me since Rory is traveling for work. Plus the girls decided to wake up a few times per night and that meant I was the only one to console them. I soooo hope a good night's sleep is in my future tonight.

Onto Friday favorites.

ONE. Earlier this week I started wrapping presents for the girls, from us and Santa. Since the girls birthday is 4 days after Christmas, I have to buy more gifts and split them between the two holidays. I thought I had bought so much more for the girls, but after splitting it, I felt like I needed to buy more things. I already knew I needed stocking stuffers, but now I have been looking for more gifts and let me tell you, they have everything. Ha. It has been a bit of a struggle. I know, they don't need many gifts, and time with us is the best gift, blah blah blah. I get that and we spend a lot of time with the girls, but with two celebrations so close, I want to make sure they get to celebrate both adequately.

Anyways, I bought a few items on amazon earlier this week and I am hoping to buy these Vtech kids cameras today on the amazon toy sale. Please let them be a part of the sale. My girls love to take photos with the iPhone, so I think they will really love these.
Vtech kids camera

TWO. If you have toddlers that love Disney princesses, go to JC Penney's for their toddler princess dolls. They are the cutest and they are on sale right now. I picked mine up for $11.99 each yesterday. Normally $24.00. I got the girls Belle and Snow White. I wanted to get Aurora since she is my favorite, but she looked creepy.
Belle Toddler Doll
 Belle Toddler Doll
Snow White Toddler Doll

THREE. Since Rory was away, I had him go shopping during the evenings for Christmas gifts. When he told me there was a Tory Burch store, I asked him to go in and see what the sales were like. He told me the shoes I have wanted were on mega sale and this never happens. I told him to buy them for me and I will give him money. An early Christmas gift to myself. Ha. But in all fairness, he bought himself something during Cyber Monday even though we said we wouldn't. I can't wait to get these beauties tonight.
Tory Burch ballet flats

FOUR. The girls are having their Christmas party today at school. In an email I received earlier this week, it asked that we dress the girls up in their best clothes or Christmas pjs because there will be Santa photos. I seriously wish I could be there to see if they have the same reaction to Santa as they did 2 weeks ago. Maybe they will be better since we are not there? Who know, but I can't wait to see the photos. I dressed them up in Christmas pjs this time since I didn't want to ruin their dresses with arts and crafts, cookie decorating or the games they will be playing. So stay tuned this weekend for another Santa photo...if they can capture one.

FIVE. I had a couple people ask me about the teacher gifts I was giving this year and unfortunately they are not what I had planned. I planned to do something similar to last year's (here), but changing a few things. Especially since the girls are at a new school. I ordered everything and then we got a newsletter asking for cards with the children's photos in them and then you can add money if you would like. While I like the fact that they can chose what they want with the money, I would have spent more on the gift than the max they are allowing in the cards. But if you want a cute idea, this is last year's teacher gifts.
Christmas Teacher Gifts
Mistle Toes Gift Tags
 The tag that was on each bag
Mistle Toes Gift Tags

Have a great weekend!!!

I am linking up with April, A Little Bit of Everything, Meet @ the Barre and Cup of Tea.
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Girl Chat - Greatest Gift Received

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Today is our last Girl Chat link up for the year. I have had so much fun learning about you all over the last 11 months. I have also had a great time co-hosting this Girl Chat link up. So please join me for the final one of the year. The topic is...What is the greatest gift you ever received?
Girl Chat link up

I answered a similar question in my TBB link up last Monday and I said it was my pink bike when I was about 7 years old. This was a pretty amazing gift and I still remember it. I love looking at the pictures from that Christmas.

But for this link up, I am going to get sentimental here. My greatest gift I ever received was my twin girls.

It took us almost a year to get pregnant (which isn't as long as some, but it was awhile for us) and then surprise, we were having twins. Fast forward a bit to their anatomy scan and we found out they were identical twin girls. I was due to have the girls around February 13th, but with them being twins, they had an eviction date of January 25th, 2015. But Sutton had other plans and decided that December 29, 2014, would be the perfect birthday. Even if Avery didn't want to come out just yet.

I had mild contractions on December 26th, but ignored them and took some meds and went to bed. Nothing happened on the 27th. On the 28th, we thought we should get stuff for the hospital since the girls were due in a month-ish. We went to Target, bought what we needed plus slipper shoes for my insanely huge feet and legs and went home. We had some Taiwanese food and then went to my in-laws house for dessert. I happily ate my brownie and ice cream and on the drive home, I got uncomfortable again. This was the second start to my labor.

By the time I got to the hospital, I was already and 4 1/2 centimeters and just under 3 hours later, I was at a 9 1/2 when my doctor made the decision to do an emergency c-section. The girls were going to be here very soon and NICU time was definitely happening.

I said my prayers and my baby girls were born at 2:37 am. Delivery was rough (read here) and recovery was even harder, but I had my two perfect baby girls. They were my belated Christmas gifts and the best gift I have ever received.

So here is to you, my sweet Sutton Kira and Avery Madison. Thank you for choosing me to be your mother. It is truly an honor.
twin family photos
A sneak peak from our family photos

What was your greatest gift you ever received?

To link up - just grab our graphic, link up, and let's getting to chatting!  Make sure to stop by a few others linked up for an extra bit of girl chat! 
Girl Chat Monthly Link Up

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A Christmasy Weekend

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

As promised, here is a recap of our weekend. This weekend we were able to check off two items off our Christmas bucket list. We made sugar cookies as a family (with my parents) and went Christmas light looking.

Let's back up to Friday. I got home after the girls went to bed, so I didn't get to see them. We stayed up late watching the Nevada basketball game. The Pack lost and it sucked. Moving on....

Saturday morning we got up and it was really cold outside. I decided to bathe the girls since we wouldn't be home until late. It was the perfect opportunity to take pictures of the girls in their new twin shirts.
Twin tees - J'adore my twin

Recently, twins from the twin store, Twinning Store, contacted me about my featuring my girls in some of their clothes. I told them we would love to. They just asked the girls' size and sent us the cutest tees. They say, J'Adore My Twin (I love my twin). I love these shirts. They are simple, but so cute. So if you have twins, check out their store.

We bundled up and went out to breakfast. After breakfast, we headed to Costco to grab some necessities. You know, a new door mat, some wine, pull-ups (yes the girls still wear them at night), a movie and some laundry detergent.

After, we headed home, got the girls ready for their naps and then we settled in for some Christmas movie time. Well I did. Rory decided to walk Walter. Once the girls got up, we got them ready, got their pjs for the evening and headed down to my parents house where we baked and decorated sugar cookies. The girls had a blast decorating the cookies.
toddler cookie decorating
toddler cookie decorating
toddler cookie decorating
toddler cookie decorating
A few of their masterpieces

After decorating and cleaning up, my parents made dinner for us. We all ate so much and were so happy with our full bellies. The girls asked to go home right around 8 pm and so we did. We had a 45 minute drive home and the girls fell asleep pretty fast in the car.

The next morning, Rory went out for some muffins, bagels and coffee while the girls and I watched some Christmas movies. The girls were full of energy, but we had errands to run. We had to return some stuff to Bath and Body Works (teacher gifts that we are changing up), purchase some cooking things from William Sonoma and check out some bedding at Pottery Barn. The girls ran around outside with Rory while I did the shopping and returns.

We were on our way home and we grabbed some buns (asian buns filled with meat and goodies) for a quick lunch and then put the girls to bed. They went down easily. I went to the grocery store while they slept and then came home and they were still sleeping, so I took Walter for a walk. When I got home, they were up and we starting prepping dinner. The girls watched from the breakfast bar while I made homemade pizzas. We wanted to eat early, so we could go look at Christmas lights. The girls were a little unruly at dinner and we almost didn't go, but after a brief time out (for both girls), we went out.

We went to an area we usually don't get to, but we will make sure to go to this area of town in years to come. They had some amazing light displays and the contest was just the day before, so we got to see all the placings plus everyone elses. They were all out. We took videos and pictures and the girls were in awe. 
Hidden Valley Christmas Lights
 1st Place (they decorated the back of the house as well)

Hidden Valley Christmas Lights
 2nd Place
Hidden Valley Christmas Lights
Hidden Valley Christmas Lights
Hidden Valley Christmas Lights

Hidden Valley Christmas Lights
3rd Place

We headed home, put the girls to bed (tip: put the kids in their pjs, so they can go right to sleep when they get home) and watched the rest of Christmas Vacation. 

How was your weekend? Did you check anything off your Christmas Bucket List?
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Christmas Ornament Swap Reveal

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's time to reveal my Christmas ornament from the Blogger Ornament Exchange I co-hosted this year.
Blogger Ornament Swap and Exchange

I was paired up with Susan from The Courson Crew. Susan is a working mom like me. She is from Texas, loves coffee, everything western and is a very sweet woman. Go check out her blog to see what I got her.

I told Susan a little about myself: loves coffee, wine, snowboarding, being outdoors, traveling, snow, cooking, running and wine. So what did Susan send me?
Santa Ornament
Santa Ornament

Silent Night Tea Towel
 This is already up in my kitchen. I tell Rory everyday that I wish this would come true.

Bacon Cheese Dip
 This sounds super good and easy to make.

Lindt Candies
 Who doesn't love a little chocolate?

I promptly put my new ornament on our tree and I think he fits in perfectly.
Santa ice skating ornament

I can't wait to check out everyone else's ornaments.

Be sure to link up below if you participated.

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Palm Springs Trip

Monday, December 11, 2017

*this post may contain affiliate links.

I am dropping in for a little update on my trip to Palm Springs last week. I will have a weekend update coming on Wednesday because tomorrow is my ornament exchange reveal.

I went to Riverside and Palm Springs, CA on Thursday and Friday for work. I was a little worried about the fires down in the LA area, and I was right to be. My flight from San Jose to Ontario was delayed due to the fires and the super strong winds. 

Our flight into Ontario was extremely bumpy. Plus we were able to see all three fires when flying into Los Angeles.
Southern California Fires

Once I got into the Ontario airport, I headed towards Riverside. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and made my way through Riverside. Once I was done with everything, I was only two miles from the cemetery that my grandfather (father's side) was laid to rest. I haven't been there since I was pregnant with the girls, so I made my way over, found his grave immediately, had a heart to heart talk, snapped some photos, said my goodbyes and made my way to Palm Springs.
Riverside National Cemetery

I checked into my hotel, worked out and then went to an Indian restaurant which wasn't that great. Since it was still early, I headed back to my hotel and walked the block to downtown Palm Springs to check out their village festival. It took place over several blocks on their main street. There were street vendors everywhere plus most of the shops on that street were open. I walked and walked. I bought several things for the girls along the way and stopped in at Lampert's for some ice cream. But after reading some reviews, I opted for the Dole Whip. Have you ever had it? I thought you could only get it in Disneyland, but this place has it and it is legit. Seriously, sooooo good. 
Lampert's Dole Whip
Art installation in downtown Palm Springs
Art installation in downtown Palm Springs

After walking the whole festival, I headed back to my hotel to watch The Heart of Christmas. Wow. This movie is really good, but incredibly sad. I LOVED it though and it reminded me of my friend whose son is in the hospital fighting almost the same thing. A good Christmas watch, but grab some tissues.

Friday morning I got up early, packed up and headed to breakfast at Elmer's Restaurant for a German Pancake. I rarely get German pancakes and this one did not disappoint. It was amazing. 
German pancake

Then I made my way through Palm Springs and Palm Desert before heading back to Ontario airport to fly home.

It was a successful, but short trip.
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Friday Favorites

Friday, December 8, 2017

*This post may contain affiliate links.

It's finally Friday. Not that I am counting the days away because I really love the month of December. I just would rather be at home with my family. Plus right now, I am flying home from Palm Springs where it has been in the high 70s and I am headed home to the low 40s. Brrr.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. While I didn't write out our Christmas Bucket List, I have kept a mental note of it. One of the items is baking cookies with my girls to leave out for Santa. This weekend we are doing just that. We are baking sugar cookies at my parents house and letting the girls decorate them. I think they will love that. Plus they will love eating the toppings and finished cookies even more.

TWO. Last weekend we took the girls to meet Santa and take photos with him. The girls were soooo excited to see Santa. They talked about it all week. Whenever they saw Santa on tv, they screamed his name.

When we got to the place to meet Santa, the girls kept saying where is Santa and were super eager. That was until Santa walked out. Sutton immediately started crying and wanted up. Avery saw her sister get scared, so she got scared and wanted up as well. Then it was our turn to take our photos with Santa. As we got closer the girls started crying hard and screaming. The photographer told us to drop them and run. And that we did. Here is how it turned out.
Twins Santa Photo

THREE. We are knocking another bucket list item off our list this weekend as well. We are going to look at Christmas lights in our city. I am sure we will do this several more times before the holidays are over, but this is our first official light looking of the season.

FOUR. Every night we read stories to the girls before bed. They are obsessed with their Olivia book. Recently, I saw an Olivia Helps with Christmas and then I saw that there is a whole line of Olivia books (here).
Olivia Helps with Christmas

Do you have any books you can recommend that your kids love and want to read over and over? The girls also love the board book Madeline.

FIVE. If you are participating in the Blogger Ornament Exchange, don't forget that the link up is Tuesday, December 12th. I can't wait to see the ornaments that you all received.
Blogger Ornament Swap and Exchange

I am linking up with April, A Little Bit of Everything, Meet @ the Barre and Cup of Tea.
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Christmas Gift Guide - Hostess/Stockings

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

*This post may contain affiliate links.

It's time for the final gift guide link up with Owen (The Davis Duo), Emily (Three Boys and a Girl Blog) and Brittany (Life as the Mrs.). This one is for stocking stuffers or hostesses.
Christmas Gift Guide

I love Sugar Fina and their candies. I get them for everything and they are starting to sell them in places like Total Wine. I always recommend the sparking gummie bears and the scotch chocolates.
Sugar Fina Set

I only started using an apron when I cook or bake a few months ago, but I love it. I can wipe my hands on the apron after washing them, or to dust off the excess flour on my hands. I need to be better about wearing mine more, but I love it. I actually have two and this one is close to the one I have.
Anthropologie Apron

I love tea towels and fun towels for my kitchen. I wouldn't mind receiving this as my hostess gift or in my stocking. So cute.
Rose All Day Towel

These bowls are the cutest and would brighten up any kitchen.
Latte Bowls

I am obsessed with the Capri Blue candle as it was in my Christmas Gift Guide for her and it is perfect for any hostess.

I love Peppermint Bark and the best comes from Williams Sonoma. Believe me, I have had my fair share. I always get a box for Christmas and share it. Soooo good. My brother-in-law loves it so much that he will eat a whole tin in one weekend. No joke. It is that good.
Peppermint Bark

Another thing that I always must have during the holidays is the Sea Salt Caramels from Williams Sonoma. They are soooo good. I would eat the whole box if I could, but I usually don't and savor them since they are only around during the holidays.
Sea Salt Caramels

I am obsessed with a super soft blanket by Saranoni. Another blogger friend introduced me to this company and I want all the blankets. We LOVE soft blankets and snuggle up in them every night. that is why I want all of these blankets.
Saranoni Blanket

Who doesn't love free coffee or tea? I know I do and love getting coffee gift cards.
Starbucks gift card

Christmas Gift Guide for Hostesses and Stockings

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