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Weekending - Potty Training and the Children's Museum

Monday, June 26, 2017

This weekend was a struggle. A big struggle. I thought potty training wouldn't be too bad, but guess what, it is. Especially with twins.

We decided to go full force into on Saturday morning since we worked Friday. So let me back up a bit.

Friday after work, we ran a few errands and then came home to the girls. After some play time, we got the girls ready and headed to pizza for dinner. The girls played in the restaurant and we watched some sports broadcast and happily had our beers and pizza.

After dinner, we drove to a school that is close to home and let the girls play in the playground. They had a ton of fun and didn't want to go home.
toddler park exploration

After playing we headed home and gave the girls a bath. After getting ready for bed, we snuggled for a bit and then put the girls to bed. We caught up on some shows and called it a night.

Saturday morning was the start of potty training. The girls were excited to wear real underwear. Everything was going pretty well. We asked the girls constantly if they needed to go to the bathroom and we put them on the potty every 30 minutes or so.

They were getting the idea since they have been potty training for awhile, but they would tell us just as they were starting to pee or right before and not in enough time to get to the potty. Avery had one accident in the morning and Sutton had a lot more. Every successful time, they got a M&M and they were pumped on it. But Sutton was very mad when her sister got one and she didn't. That happened a lot.

I headed out at 8:40 to get a pedicure since it was cancelled from the day before. I wasn't too excited to leave the girls since we were going full force into this, but I didn't have much choice. So I happily got my toes done and Rory took care of the girls.

We stayed at home and inside all day long and it was very boring. Ugh. I so wanted to be at the lake, but we really wanted to potty train. Such is the life.

Avery had two accidents Saturday, one in the morning and one right before bedtime. I told her we were going to go to the potty as soon as we found her paci, but if she needed to go, tell me or just run to the bathroom. She decided to pee on her little couch. Ugh. Sutton had many accidents on Saturday, but was still excited when she did go and got her M&M.

Saturday night we had wine after a long day and some take-out.

Sunday morning we got up and were excited to try again, but the girls were not. We still pushed through, put on their underwear and tried. They were doing pretty good. Sutton was going in the potty and so was Avery. Avery even went #2! Then we decided to take a walk since it was still cool enough outside (it was 99 Saturday and 93 yesterday). We made sure to try to go potty before, but Sutton had an accident about a quarter of the way through. She told us she had to pee and then peed. And then she didn't care that she had to walk in it. Ha.

Avery was good to go until the last 10 minutes of the walk. Then she said she had to go and she held it in as long as she could before she went a bit, but not fully.

We got them changed and I headed to the grocery store by our house to get a quick trip in. I came home and apparently they had 2 accidents each in that time. We still pushed on. We made the girls lunch and put them in their pull ups for naptime. Once they got up they didn't want underwear on. They were refusing it. We tried and tried, but nope, they were not having it. So we left them in pull ups and just asked them a lot if they had to go and kept going to the potty just with pull ups on instead of underwear.

And since we had been cooped up and the girls didn't want to wear the underwear, we decided to get out of the house and go to the Discovery Museum. The girls had a blast. We even went to the potty a few times when we were there.
Terry Wells Discovery Museum Reno
Terry Wells Discovery Museum Reno

The girls got half way up (way farther than this) and Sutton started to cry. The staff tried to have a kid help get the girls down, but no luck. So I headed up there and it sucked. I am not going to sugarcoat it. There is not enough room for adults in there. Especially tall adults like me. There were areas I couldn't fit through so I had to coach them to get down. I hit my head more times than I can count, had a bunch of kids climbing on me and felt like Reese Witherspoon in Four Christmases. Ha. But I did manage to get the girls down only for them to want to go back up. Nope. Time for the next exhibit.
Terry Wells Discovery Museum Reno

We spent two hours at the museum and closed it down. We took a drive around the city and then headed home to make dinner for the girls. Once they had dinner, I worked on our dinner (which the girls ate that as well). After we ate, we bathed the girls and got everything ready for the week ahead. We tried to do more potty time as well. Once the girls went down, we sat down with a glass of wine and just relaxed, ie did nothing.

We went to bed early since Rory is in Las Vegas for the day teaching a class.

And there was our not so successful potty training weekend. Got any tips on potty training using pull ups or other methods? Send them my way.

How was your weekend?

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Friday Favorites and Happenings

Friday, June 23, 2017

Can I just say how thankful I am that today is Friday. I don't know what it was with this week, but something has been off. Ugh. Maybe it is the crazy hot temperatures (we reached 102 this week), the just wanting to be in vacation mode or something completely different. But let me just say, thank goodness for Friday.

Onto Friday favorites...

ONE. I got an email from Tom's this week and decided to check it out. They had soooo many cute things on there. I am eyeing both these flamingo shoes and this bag. So cute.
Toms dusty rose purse
Toms flamingo shoes

TWO. Do any of you watch Bachelor in Paradise? I love that show. It is crazy, fun and over the top, but definitely a favorite summer watch. When it was cancelled due to the sexual misconduct allegations, I was super bummed. Especially since this season of Bachelorette is kind of boring. But after an investigation, they are resuming filming. Yes!!! I can't wait to watch it. 

THREE. So this weekend we are going into full force potty training mode. My girls have been using the potty for months now, but never consistently. I know it is time to get them going because they tell us when they go, they always want to go and it is just time. I am not that excited about it other than no more diapers/pull-ups. What I am not excited about is the sitting in the bathroom all the time, the accidents and the being inside all weekend. But I think it is a good time to do it as it will be hot all weekend and we should be indoors more.

So please send your tips and tricks to me. I just read over my post from last year where Lizzie guest posted about potty training. But I need anything you can give me. I want to make this as easy and smooth as possible for everyone involved. Ha.

FOUR. I have been participating in #followfriday for a few weeks now. This week I was asked by a dear mama friend of mine if I wanted to do a follow Friday. I "met" Bree two and a half years ago when her sweet son Dexter was born just a day before my girls. He was born early just like my girls and we became friends by her searching for the hashtag #preemie and #nicu. We have been following each other ever since and talk on a regular basis. I love how IG and bloggin bring mamas together.

She introduced me to some of her blogger friends and they have the sweetest feeds. Full of their amazing lives and beautiful families. So please check out these four ladies.
follow friday

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Confessions and Thoughts on Thursday

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ugh, this week. I just can't seem to get it together. But I did make some time for some confessions and thoughts. so sit back, relax and enjoy. And link up if you want to share.


- Sometimes I feel like giving up on my blog. I love writing, keeping a diary and keeping family up to date, but sometimes the posts just don't come to me. And when you have June numbers like I do, it isn't encouraging. Ugh.

- I always seem to misspell beneficiary. Even when I sound it out, I usually mess it up. Maybe I just type too fast and get it wrong or I just spell it wrong. But it happens every time and I use that word a lot in my job.

- The baby fever is strong lately. No I don't really want one, but I love seeing all these babies being born. They are so sweet, snuggly and makes me want to give my girls a baby brother or sister and then I deal with terrible twos and I think nope. And I hear the terrorist threes are worse. God help us.

- I have been biting my nails ever since I can remember. It is gross, but I can't stop it. I am so much better with it if I have my nails painted or done, but when I am bored or stressed, I bite them. Awful.

I used to use that liquid stuff that it is supposed to taste awful, but after a few times, you get used to the taste and power through. I have tried sitting on my hands and every thing out there, but I still do it.

- That I would love to revert to my college ways and eat the leftover German chocolate cake for breakfast every morning. We have a bunch left and it has taken everything in me to not do this. Seriously cake or pie for breakfast is genius. That way you have all day to work it off. You're welcome.

- I am sad that for the first time in years, I won't be attending the Rodeo or the JD (Jack Daniels) tent. I feel too old for the JD tent, but it is tradition with my friends and this year I am going to miss it. What I won't miss? Rodeo in 100 degree heat.

- I used to have OCD tendencies when I lived alone. I would check to make sure my doors and windows were locked before going to bed every night. I had to do it before I felt comfortable enough to go to bed. Weird? Yep.


- I never want candy except at work. I get bored and think about yummy fruit gummies, Skittles, Airhead Bites, Starburst, etc. Why?

- My work has a snack shack and I rarely get anything from it. But yesterday they sent out an email saying they stocked it with ice cream sandwiches to beat the heat. Ugh. Why? #givemealltheicecream

- 5 days until the PLL finale. I seriously need this show to be over, but will probably be sad when it is. I need to know who AD is. Ugh.

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Father's Day Weekend and the Beach

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I am sad the weekend went by in an instant. We had some pretty hot weather (in the high 90s) which kept us indoors most of the weekend.

My weekend started off Friday after working half day. I grabbed myself lunch and then hit up Target, Petco and the girls' new daycare. I had to drop off paperwork and fill out a bunch more. Plus I paid the yearly fees and got them all ready to start on August 7th.

I came home and the girls were up from their naps. I heard all about their day and then Rory came home. The girls were beyond thrilled to see their dad. They helped him unpack and we talked about our week. We took the girls out to dinner. They were a bit crazy since they were so happy to have their dad back, but we managed to get a seat in the back where we wouldn't bother anyone.

Once we got home, we got ready for bed, cuddled and then put the girls down. Then we watched Better Call Saul and called it a night.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and got ready to go to the beach. We headed to Sand Harbor, but not before grabbing sandwiches, donuts for the ride and some fruit. The girls had a blast. Since it was HOT there, I didn't mind the freezing water. Sutton loved being dipped into the water while Avery loved playing in the sand. We stayed for about 4 hours which was perfect. The girls only had little meltdowns when it was time to leave. It was about an hour and a half past their nap time.
toddlers at the beach
 Look how much snow is still on the mountains. Unreal.
Sand Harbor beach
Sand Harbor beach
I was a little unsure if I should post this because bikini and being self conscious, but why not?!

They promptly fell asleep in the car within two minutes of driving. On the way down from Tahoe, we grabbed some coffees and took the scenic road home so the girls could nap longer.

Once we got home, we unloaded everything, gave the girls a snack and then bathed them. Then I showered and headed out to the grocery store and butcher shop.

I made brats, saute onions and corn on the cob for dinner. We watched Fargo after the girls went to bed and then called it a night.

Sunday morning we got up and went to breakfast for Father's Day. We treated Rory to his favorite breakfast place and then headed back to Target for some ballet flats. Side note: does anyone have children who are obsessed with shoes? My girls love their flats they wore for Christmas photos, but they are about a size and a half too small. Yet they insist on wearing them. Ugh. So we had to get some new ones this weekend so they didn't crush their toes and get marks for the elastic strap on them.
twin toddlers
 Waiting for daddy to get ready
family with twins
Rory and the girls at breakfast

We got home and fed the girls lunch. Rory and I were still stuffed from breakfast. The girls went down for their naps at 12:45 pm and Rory headed out on some errands while I watched the US Open. The girls slept for two hours and were only a little grumpy when they got up. But we played and did some chores around the house until family got there.

Another side note: have any of you tried Bai Bubbles? I grabbed it on Saturday thinking it was a sparkling water, a watermelon lime one to be exact. I opened it around 3 pm and drank it while making our bed, changing the laundry over and getting the house prepped for family. I drank it slowly, but once I was done, I felt off. Then it got worse and I felt miserable in my own skin. I had a slight fever and couldn't shake a headache. It so so bad that I thought I was going to be so sick. Turns out the drink is an energy drink of sorts and has equivalent to 4 8 ounce cups of coffee in it. I normally drink one or two cups of coffee a day. So needless to say, read the labels. I should have. It almost ruined the evening.

Family arrived at 4:30 pm and I wasn't feeling good. But after I ate some of my mom's spinach dip she brought over, I started feeling better. And I got better as the evening went on. We had both sets of parents over for a Father's Day dinner. Originally, I was supposed to have a BurgaBox for Rory as his gift, but they delayed my shipping and it never came. So mad about this. So I made a back-up plan which turned out better.

We made tri-tip, grilled veggies and rice for dinner. Then we had German Chocolate cake for dessert. The girls were loving all the attention and we loved the company. It turned out better than the BurgaBox would have.
German Chocolate Cake
Seriously my favorite cake lately and we have leftovers to enjoy this week.

Everyone went home and we put the girls to bed. It was past their bedtimes, but a good day, so it was worth it. We watched some tv shows that we missed last week and then tried to go to bed. Tried is the keyword as the energy drink kept me up all night. ugh.

How was your weekend and Father's Day?

$10 at Target - 4th of July Goodies

Monday, June 19, 2017

It's time for another round of $10 at Target. I basically shop at Target weekly, but this month I kept forgetting to spend my $10 and focus on this post. I blame work stress and the change in our schedules and lives (ie the girls daycare closing).

I was searching for some clearance Essie nail polish, but they only had a couple left and they were not any colors I would really use. So then I started browsing the store and found a bunch of things. Isn't that how it always goes?
goodies from Target

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Cutex nail polish remover pads? They are the best. They remove nail polish easily and you only need one pad to remove both hands worth. So much better than the old school way of a cotton ball and remover.
Cutex nail polish remover pads

Next, I hit up the dollar section and found these cute little 4th of July confetti poppers. I got two of them for the girls to use on Independence Day.
4th of July confetti poppers

Lastly, I picked up this star shaped sparking lemonade candle. It smells so good and reminded me of Summer. Plus it was only $3. How could I not get it?
sparkling lemonade candle

So how did I do this month?
$10 at Target

I hope you join us all in sharing how you spent your $10 at Target. Grab the image below and come back to link up with us.
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Friday Favorites and Happenings

Friday, June 16, 2017

I feel like this week has dragged on. Maybe it is because I was single mommying it this week which was fun, but also very tiring. This happens when your kids are going through a "daddy is my favorite" phase. Those girls love their daddy so fiercely. They were fine until we Facetimed him on two different evenings. Then meltdowns ensued towards the end of the call and for quite awhile after. Breaks my heart to see them that sad. And even more that I couldn't comfort them.

But anyways, let's get onto my Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. A couple weeks ago I got my hair colored and cut. My stylist used a newer shampoo and conditioner by Bumble and Bumble and I feel in love. It is the Full Potential line by Bumble and Bumble. Not only does it strengthen you hair, but it gives you a thicker feeling hair and reduce hair loss. This is amazing for us ladies who have fine hair.

I wasn't too sure if I would love it, but I do. The bad thing? I just bought a liter of the thickening shampoo and conditioner that I love so much. Ugh.
Bumble and Bumble Full Potential Shampoo and Conditioner

Another item that I recommend if you have fine hair, is their Full Form Mousse.
Bumble and Bumble Full Form Mousse
TWO. So I ordered a couple dresses for the wedding I am attending in August and I want your opinions on them. I won't decide until I try them on, but what do you all think? I need something that is casual enough, but still a dress, cute and wedding appropriate.
Asos lace dress
J Crew seersucker dress
purple lace dress
Lace Dress (might be too dressy)

THREE. I have had a lot of people ask me for an update on my friend Heather who had brain surgery last week, so I thought I would tell you all. She is home and recovering. Things have been rough for her, but she is extremely strong and pushing through it all. She has had an allergic reaction to her pain meds, so she had to get those changed. She has been having major neck spasms, but she is getting up and walking around like the doctor asked her too. She has full function of her brain and she will soon start physical therapy (after her two week appointment).

Heather is a warrior and rocked her surgery. Oh and she shared this photo this week.
Chiari Malformation surgery

FOUR. This week I bought a few things on Prana's website because we had a "friends" discount. Have you ever heard of Prana before? They have a lot of yoga, work out and comfy clothes. I have a few items that Rory got me for Christmas, but since we had this discount, I thought I would get more. It was so hard not to buy all the things. Instead I got a new pair of crop yoga style pants to run in because let's be real, I haven't done yoga in years.
Prana Deco Pants

I also got some after workout pants, but I am sure I will wear these as lounge pants. So excited for them.
Prana Mantra Pant

And finally, I got a pair of shorts because I apparently need all the shorts. Ha.
Prana Cobalt Shorts

Can we talk about those shoes in the picture above too. Swoon. Love them. Anyone know what brand they are?

But I would totally recommend going to their site if you are looking for workout clothes or comfy clothes like me.

FIVE. When we were in the mountains last week, we got into a discussion on Birkenstocks and how my in-laws (MIL, SIL, BIL) and husband love those shoes. They were trying to get me to get a pair and I told them that I have never worn Birkenstock's nor have I had any inclination to try them. My sister-in-law even had me try hers on because she said they were sooooo comfy. Yes they are comfy, but they are not that cute. Until my mother-in-law told me her sandals she was wearing were Birken's too.

That is when I said, if I had a pair like my MIL, I would wear them. They are not the traditional ones like these (which my BIL and SIL have):
Arizona Birkenstock's

But they are these ones:
Gizeh Birkenstock's

So much better right?

I hope you all have a good weekend!

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Confessions and Thoughts on Thursday

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I am back for another round of confessions after taking last week off for Girl Chat. So grab my (old) button, confession, write your thoughts or both and come back here to link up.

grab button for Sparkles and Lattes
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- I totally get why June viewership numbers go down because I have been the same way lately. Either on vacation and not reading as many blogs as normal or just not posting as normal as I usually do.

- I can't seem to get my friend's death out of my mind. Each day I am reading new posts on Facebook and Instagram and it just breaks my heart more and more. It also makes me realize that nothing is forever or protected. So go home and hug your loved ones because you never know when it is the last time.

- Even though I have been single parenting it all week, I secretly love when my husband goes on trips because I can watch all the shows that I want to and not have to worry about being judged for how much tv I watched that week or the kind of show I am watching. Ha. But I also hate that I am behind on Better Call Saul and Fargo because I watch those shows with Rory.

- I hate when a wedding is casual and not semi-formal to formal because I want to get all dressed up and dance the night away. And it is so much harder to find a more casual summer dress. Yes I need a new dress because I either wear them to work, they are too dressy or they are way too casual as in beach casual.

The last couple weddings I went to, I wore these outfits.


- They better reveal who A.D. is quickly and tie up the hundreds of lose ends on PLL. I am getting annoyed by these promises that each episode shows many Easter eggs as to who A.D. is and we are supposed to be getting answers each episode. Nope. Just more questions and wtf-ery.

- Speaking of tv (yep, I watched a lot with Rory being gone and been on vacation last week), I am loving the new season of House of Cards. I love how it is mimicking a lot of what is going on in our world politically.

- The last couple of days the girls are obsessed with wearing their way too small ballet flats they wore for Christmas photos. They are a size 6 and the girls wear a size 7 or 7 1/2. And since they insist on wearing them (yes I should just get rid of them), I have been searching online for two pairs that don't break the bank (because they want to wear them all the time) and offer free shipping. Suggestions?
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