Thursday, May 18, 2017

Guest Post - 10 Things You Should Do Before You Hit Publish

Today, I am changing it up a bit and having Cait from Cait's Cozy Corner guest posting for me today. Cait contacted me and asked if I was interested in letting her do a guest post on 10 Things You Should Do Before You Hit Publish.

I knew that I would love to read these items and I hope it helps my fellow blogging friends along the way. So Cait, take it away.

A good blogger should have a check list before they hit publish on a blog post. I have to admit, I have moments where I can be over my head, half asleep and after I hit publish on a post, realize that my content is all over the place. #BloggerFail. I thought, why not share some things I do before I hit publish so you can have a great checklist to reference.

  1. Start With An Outline - There were moments when I first began blogging where I would just start writing. After a while, I would run out of points or gt what I wanted to write. Sometimes I would get bored all together. I’ve started to write simple outlines on the points I wanted to talk about on my blog post. It’s super simple- just write a few sentences that include some of the main points I want to talk about. It also ensure that I don’t miss out on crucial points that I may have later on. I also tend to write faster when I know what the key points are.

  1. High Quality Content - Next, once your outline is finished, you can start to write your post. One of the key points I always look for is making sure that it’s high quality. What exactly do I mean by that? Let’s move on to step 3!
  1. Think Of Keywords- I never realized the importance of keywords until I really started to get serious about blogging. They are essential to getting your blog noticed. Google Keyword Planner is a great way tool to help you pick targeted keywords that are relevant to your post.

  1. Link To Older Posts/Articles- A great way to get Google to rank your post for targeted keywords is really just by telling Google what your post is about in your own blog. Link to other blog posts or articles using those targeted keywords I just talked about. These will come up when people are searching for those keywords and boom- your blog appears!

  1. Attractive Title- Think of your headline as something that will attract readers. Don’t get discouraged- it can be tricky to think of a good blog post headline. Your main point is to generate a click so make sure that it’s specific enough to do just that. For example, I love writing “ Top 10 … “ and then a topic. That gains interest itself and the topic could be anything like “Top 10 Books To Read This Summer” or “ Top 10 Summer Tops Under $40”. Whatever your title- make sure it’s attention worthy.

  1. To The Point- Although you do want a lot of great keywords and good content, you also don’t want your topic to be all over the place and writing redundant words. Make sure you go back to your post and relook at what you wrote. I try to make each point about a paragraph long to keep my readers engaged and not feel overwhelmed when looking at my post. Short and sweet am I right?

  1. Images- Did you know horizontal images allows your blog and content to more shareable on Facebook on Twitter? I try to add these images on my blog post and I’ve already seen huge results! I actually just have a basic template and use it for the majority of all my posts. Two of my favorite tools to create them are using Canva and Picmonkey plus it’s FREE!

  1. When To Use Vertical Images- If you’re not into Twitter or Facebook have you thought of Pinterest? The longer the better for Pinterest images! Make sure to use bright images to gain attention.

  1. Add A Call To Action  - Of course this can all depend on your blog niche and how you interact with your audience, but have you thought of adding tweet boxes? Although certain hosts don’t support like this Blogger, adding a Tweet Box is a quick way of sharing quick ‘call to action’ blurbs that can be tweeted out quickly by just one click.
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  1. Double Check - Before you hit publish, make sure all of the tips and tricks are in your post. It can take a bit to see your blog take off, but staying consistent with all of these tips can pay off. For instance, Matt Anton can attest to the struggles of learning about what it means to hit publish on a post and ranking in a Google Search. A man who used to spend hours playing video games, now was finding a passion in website developing, learning everything  about SEO tips and how to make the most of the internet. He developed his own site, NJ SEO. They can help build a meaningful relationship with clients using social media. They also develop effective content strategies for forward thinking companies, bloggers alike.

Success stories don’t happen overnight but they do happen! Keep doing all you can to build your blog up by incorporating these 10 steps before hitting publish.

I know I didn't have a Confessions post or a Thoughts on Thursday post for you today, but I still have the link up below for those of you who did write one because I still want to read them! So please link up below and I will be back next Thursday with some confessions and thoughts.


  1. These are really great tips! I agree about having an outline. It makes things a lot easier.

    1. It does and I need to start following that one.

  2. These are great!! They will definitely help me out!