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Friday Random Favorites

Friday, August 26, 2016

It's Friday and I am sooooo excited for our weekend ahead, but a bit overwhelmed with what we have in store for the next several weeks. #superbusy

Let's get down to my random five because this week everything has been pretty random.

One. Can we talk for a minute about how crazy toddlers are? They are climbing everything. They are running around like crazy. They are tripping over their own feet. They are the master at finding everything you hide. They are talking up a storm. And they are just go go go. Well this week, Sutton has had two incidents that have left her with some serious boo boos. First, on Tuesday she was standing on the table at daycare and was told to get down and was being a bit defiant, but finally got down and as she was getting down she fell off and bruised her cheek. Then Thursday she was walking along, tripped and bit her lip. Now she has a fat lip and it looks so brutal. Poor baby girl.
 She is wearing a shirt I got for the girls during my work trip in Israel.

Two. My awesome coworker has been brewing beer for a few years now and I love when he brings in his beer for some of us to sample. Since my husband works with me, we get two bottles every time and this time they are huge!!! I can't wait to try his red rye beer.

Three. Have any of you tried the new bralettes from Victoria Secret? I have one from about a year ago that I adore (from VS), but they don't carry that exact one. So I am on the hunt for a new one. I want one with a bit of lining, but it doesn't have to be that much. Any experience with either of these?

Four. Gilmore Girls. Did anyone see the article on Today about a town in Connecticut that is transforming their town into Stars Hollow for a few days? It was the town that inspired Stars Hollow, so it seems very fitting. I wish I could go. I have been cranking through the episodes this week since Rory was in NYC. Almost onto season 6!
Can we move here please?

Five. We are headed to Northern California this weekend. It will be a short quick trip, but we get to see family (and snuggle my nephew), enjoy Point Reyes oysters and celebrate a few things. We are leaving bright and early Saturday morning for the four hour car ride. Let's hope the girls can handle their car seats for that long.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Confessional Thursday

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's Thursday again and that means it is time for my weekly confessions. You know the drill, grab the button, write your confessions and come back here to link up.

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/ that I thought these renovations would already be started. Oh how wrong I was. You have to make several appointments with contractors, go pick out materials, have the cabinet people come over, go to another place to get your flooring picked out since you aren't sure about the first one you picked out, get some bids, buy your appliances and basically figure it all out before they can even start. Wah, I want my new kitchen now.

/ that I picked out the prettiest quartz counter tops. Is it weird that I dream about these things?

/ that this week went swimmingly with my husband gone. The girls were pretty good for me and we had lots of mommy and daughters time.

/ that I had the cheapest and best lunch yesterday. I had some leftover tomato soup from my favorite soup shop (Gino's soup - it is local to Reno, but you can find it at Whole Foods all over the US now) and I paired it with avocado toast. Seriously soooo good and healthy.

/ that I bought a bunch of stuff at Lucky and Amazon yesterday and I can't wait to for it to arrive at my house. Don't worry, I used gift cards from my birthday. I will have a new pair of flats, black riding boots and two shirts coming to my door very soon.

/ that I am worried my car dealership won't do much if my car "sort of" passes the oil consumption test. If it fails, I get a new engine (or most of one). If it passes with flying colors, I want them to buy my car back so I can get something else. I think I have a lemon and don't want to risk what could happen with kids in the car all the time. If it sort of passes, then I can request and plead my case and hope they fix it. Otherwise, a new car it is. I love my Subaru and would love to get another because it's not likely to get another lemon, but also it opens doors to other cars. I know I NEED something AWD and big enough for my family. Options, options, options.

/ that we have a few crazy busy weekends ahead and then I am off to Europe for two weeks. So once again, I am asking anyone who wants to write a guest post, please let me know, so I can get you scheduled. I love my readers and want to share their blogs with you all!

/ that my little daredevils scare me. My girls are climbing on everything lately and this week Sutton fell off a table at daycare. Yep, she tries to climb it daily and this time she succeeded and fell down. Poor baby girl has a red mark/bruise on her face.

/ that I keep finding gray hairs and I freak out a bit inside. Why am I getting gray hairs? I am only 33.

/ that I secretly hope my loving husband brings me back something fabulous from NYC. I love it there and wish it was me there, not him.

And that's a wrap for another round of confessions.


Lularoe Review

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Recently, my hairstylist (she is the absolute best) and her friend started selling LuLaRoe. I had been added to some groups over Facebook, but never really thought to try their clothes since I couldn't try them on for size reference. Since I had the girls, my body is way different which means it is harder for me to gauge what is going to fit right based on numbers and sizes. So when I can try something on and get my correct sizing, it makes online shopping much easier for future purchases.

Recently, Kyra (my hairstylist) hosted a pop up shop and I came over to FINALLY see what all the hype was about. I had been eyeing an Amelia, but also wanted to check out their leggings and a Julia dress.

I tried on a few things and I fell in love. The Amelia dress is made from a stretchy material which is perfect for hiding the imperfections or chasing toddlers around in. The dress has pleats, the skirt is flowy and it has pockets. What girl doesn't love pockets in her dresses!?

(Disclaimer: I am not a fashion blogger, nor do I pretend to be. I just love sharing the clothes that I love.)
Dress: Amelia  Booties: Sam Edelman

Side note: my husband insisted I take these photos in front of his massive sunflower. This thing is literally 10 feet tall and he wanted to show it off.

The Amelia I chose is black with pink/coral roses and blue leaves on it. I love the length of the dress as I can wear it to work, on a date night or when I chase the girls around which happened a bunch after these photos were taken.

Another cool feature of the Amelia is it is reversal. As in you can wear it backwards to have the zipper in the front. This is a great feature for breastfeeding moms. I know when I was pumping and breastfeeding, I had to wear clothing that gave me easy access. With a zipper in the front, you can unzip, pump or breastfeed and not feel exposed. And if you don't have kids, having the zipper in the front adds a different touch to it and makes it more fun.

As you can see, even with it backwards, the pockets are still set in the front and the pleats still show. This is the perfect versatile dress.

I also picked up a Julia dress because who doesn't love a baseball style jersey dress? I can't wait to buy my next piece. Have you seen the Carly dress? Might have to go try it on and buy one.

To buy some LuLaRoe, go here and request (telling Kyra and Jen that I sent you there) to be added to the group or comment below and I will get you added. They have giveaways  and contests ALL THE TIME and get stock in weekly. Seriously could be a bad habit for my wallet.

*This post was sponsored by Kyra and Jen, consultants of LuLaRoe, but all opinions are honest and 100% mine.



Monday, August 22, 2016

Another quick weekend in the books. It seems like we were pretty busy even though this was our down weekend.

Friday after work, we picked the girls up and headed to our favorite sandwich shop to get sandwiches to go since we had our contractor coming over at 2 pm. Once we got home, we put the girls down for their nap, but it took them awhile to finally go to sleep. The contractor came over and we had so many questions and ideas and we were a little overwhelmed.
Dog pile at daycare

Basically, it comes down to how long we plan to stay in our house, which is about five years. Since we aren't going to stay for 15 or so years, he recommended not redoing the entire kitchen unless we want to throw a bunch of money out there. He recommended replacing and redoing stuff, but being more conscious about our money. We came up with some solid ideas and were told to head to a local tile and stone shop to pick out counters, back splash and flooring. We were also told to look into cabinets. He recommended that we keep our current layout and cabinets, but have them refinished. He said it would be thousands cheaper and we have real custom cabinets already in there. They may be from the 60s, but he said they were beautiful and he wouldn't get rid of them.

So now we have some ideas and we have officially started the process of having a new kitchen!

After the contractor left, we fed the girls dinner and took the girls and Walter on a long walk.

After the walk, we got the girls ready for bed and I headed out to dinner with a friend to celebrate my birthday (that was a few weeks ago). Dinner was really good and the company was even better.

Saturday morning, Rory picked us up some coffee and pastries since he had an early morning appointment. I played with the girls and got them ready for the day. Once he got home, we went to the tile and stone place and a cabinet place and made some decisions. The girls were crazy at the tile and stone place. One climbed on a stack of back splash and fell off, the other had a puppy scare her and fell down and it was a mess. But we managed to pick out what we needed and headed out.
A sneak peak into our ideas

After naps, we headed to the mall since it was so hot outside and we wanted to get out of the house again. We did a bit of shopping and then headed home to make the girls dinner. I just picked up pizza for Rory and I and we watched the Niners game.

Sunday morning we headed to breakfast and then to the park. We took the girls to the rose garden at the park and they loved running around. That was until Avery fell into a rose bush and got scraped up. But she was a trooper and we moved onto the playground. Avery loved the swings, but Sutton did not. After playing for awhile, we headed home, so I could go meet someone to sell them the girls jumper that we don't use anymore.

Rory did some yard work and then we fed the girls lunch. I ran to three different stores to get some groceries and essentials.

After some chores and hanging out, my in-laws came over to have dinner with us. A massive thunderstorm rolled in and we were treated to lots of rain and an amazing lightening show. Walter wasn't a fan and neither were the girls. It woke them up and they were pretty scared. But we managed to have a yummy dinner and hang out which was really nice.

We capped off our evening with the second to the last episode of The Night Of and went to bed early since Rory had to be up at 3:45 to head on his business trip. Unfortunately for him and I, Avery decided to wake up a lot and may have spent a couple restless hours in our bed. Thankfully, we did get some sleep in the early hours of this morning.

And that was our busy weekend/ How was your weekend? We have a big couple weeks coming up and I am really excited and nervous for it all.

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Friday Favorites

Friday, August 19, 2016

It's Friday and I am back for Friday Favorites. Last week I skipped the link up and writing a post as I was in LA and I didn't make the time to do a post ahead of time.

But today, I have a hodge podge list of items I have been wanting or eyeing for a while now.

One. Kendra Scott recently released her Fall line and I am in love with the Elisa Pendant Necklace right now. I would love to add some sparkle to my neckline.

Two. Owen from Davis Duo posted this beauty of a dress on her IG this week and I instantly fell in love. I know it is end of summer, so I wouldn't be able to wear it much longer, but this dress is beautiful and looks so comfy.

Three. I have been looking for some new pjs. Something soft, cute and functional around my kids. Enter the Love Ophelia pj sets. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. So many cute colors to choose from.

Four. I am so in love with these booties. I bought a similar pair of tan booties last year and I wear them all the time. Now I want these to add to my collection of ever growing booties. What do you think?

Five. I just ordered this shirt and I can't wait to rock it. This has been our lives lately. Either my girls are going through a sleep regression, growth spurt, teething, night terrors or a combination of them because sleep has been a bit rough lately. Hoping we can get some extra hours of sleep in this weekend.

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Confessional Thursday

Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's time for another round of confessions. Grab the button below, write your confessions and come back here to link up with me.

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/ that I am excited and nervous, all at the same time, for our first contractor's visit tonight. We finally scheduled some bids on our kitchen and bathroom renovations. Tonight is the first contractor's bid. He came highly recommended from a friend and we have so many ideas to throw around. My in-laws are coming by to hang out with the girls so we can talk to the contractor without the girls interfering.

/ that the outpouring love I received about my anniversary this week has made my heart happy. I can't believe we have only been married for 3 years and are going on 7 years of dating. Wow.

/ that I am dying to buy all the Fall things. I am still on the search for some black riding boots. I tried on the Tory Burch ones that I thought I wanted and thought they were just ok. Not sure they would be that comfortable. I did fall in love with some Frye ones this weekend, but at $300 to $400, just not sure I want to (or can) spend that much on boots.

/ that I am already thinking about Halloween. Yes, I realize it is still far away, but I am thinking of ideas for the girls' costumes. I wanted to do something classic like princesses, seeing as I was just at Disneyland, but Rory said we can do that later. He wants something better. Ugh. So the search is on. I am gone for two weeks in September, so I need to figure it out, so I can order them by the end of September.

/ that I NEED to go to Hobby Lobby this weekend. I am seeing so much cute decor (holiday and house) out there that I want. The girls' room needs some more toddler decor and Hobby Lobby is the perfect place for that.

/ that I am slacking on my reading lately. I am still reading The Good Girl, but I am almost done. Thanks to a work trip last week. I have so many books on my wishlist and I can't wait to read them all. Where can I find an extra couple hours in the day?

/ that I am LOVING Bachelor in Paradise this season. I love all the drama. Chad drama was awesome. Josh is a pig and annoys me. Ashley I. wow girl you need to get over your OBSESSION. But I love it and look forward to Monday's and Tuesday's!
/ that I can eat pizza everyday. I love it that much. I have been wanting pizza for the last two weeks and I haven't had any. Send pizza now.

/ that I may have purchased boxed wine this week to just have a glass of wine whenever I want and I save the bottles of wine for special dinners or nights. I never thought I would drink boxed wine, but Black Box has some pretty yummy wines on the cheap.

And that's it for my confessions this week. Have a good Thursday all!


Happy Third Anniversary!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Three years ago today, I married my best friend.

How has it only been three years. It seems like we have been together for a lifetime. In a good way.

In all actuality, I have known Rory for almost 10 years (in October). When I was 23, and just a year out of college, I was encouraged to take a job at the Gaming Control Board. They won me over with possible travel around the world and a bigger paycheck than I was making as a web designer.

Within a few days of starting my new job, I met some coworkers who took me under their wing. We went to lunch together and became fast friends. One of those people was Rory. And Rory was in a serious relationship at the time.

Time went on and Rory and his girlfriend broke up. A little more time passed and we went on a couple of dates. But my roommate kept reminding me to never "dip your pen in the company ink". That it only ends badly. So as quickly as it started, it was extinguished.

Over the next three years, Rory and I were just friends. I even tried to set him up on dates with friends of mine.

I had always thought he was cute, nice, passionate about life (and sports) and funny, but again, "never dip your pen in the company ink". If we were and it ended badly, it would be super awkward at work and messy. No thanks. Plus we were on the same team. So even more awkward.

And then I had a cancer scare that I mentioned in yesterday's post. A true stand up guy Rory was. My new best friend. Plus I started to see him in a different light. He had the qualities of someone I would want in a boyfriend. He was kind, funny, a good listener, thoughtful, good looking, smart and caring among other things.

I finally took him up on going out on a date. It was very casual at first and so we kept it a secret from our friends and work. As time went on, we let our friends in on our secret. But it took 10 months to let that secret come out at work. We wanted to make sure it was lasting before telling everyone at work. Less liking to break up and have the awkwardness aftermath.

Oh and it came out at work in the most random way. Let me set this up for you. My coworkers were in Austin, Texas doing an investigation. Two of my guy friends were in Austin, Texas for work as well. Totally different lines of work. They all ended up at the same restaurant sitting next to each other. One group heard the other group talking about places in Reno and started talking. After realizing they were all from the same area and introducing themselves, my friends asked if my coworkers knew me as they knew I worked there too. Once that was confirmed and how small of a world it was, they asked if they also knew my boyfriend, Rory.

I guess my coworkers were confused as they knew Rory, but didn't know he was my boyfriend. My friends let it slip that I was dating a fellow coworker and didn't think anything of it. They failed to mention this to me when they got back to town.

Monday rolls around and my coworkers told me the story of how they met my friends Mike and Rory (another Rory) and how they told them about my boyfriend Rory. I didn't even know how to respond, so I walked away. It was pretty much confirmed and out, so we started to openly talk about it.

From there we went to Puerto Vallarta, Costa Rica, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oregon and everywhere in between.
That time we went to SF for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl where the Pack won (Colin Kaepernick was our QB at the time)
That time we went horseback riding in Costa Rica

Fast forward another three years and on March 6, 2013, Rory proposed to me. And a short 6 months later, we were married. It has been a whirlwind of a romance and I wouldn't change a thing about it.
Engagement photo
Our happily ever after

I am beyond grateful for my husband and how he completes me.

So Happy Anniversary Rory! Here's to another 50 plus more.
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