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Friday Favorites

Friday, June 24, 2016

It's Friday which means we head home from our cabin today. At least we have the weekend to recover from our vacation.

Today I am linking up with Karli and April.

One. My sweet girls hate their sunglasses. Ok, hate might be a bad word, but they dislike them. Sometimes I can get Sutton to wear her sunnies the entire walk, but Avery pulls them off all the time. We are constantly putting them back on like a game. But she also fusses when the sun gets in her eyes. I try to tell them, they should be like mommy and wear their sunnies, but toddlers, they don't listen. Ha. A few people have said good things about Babiators. So have you tried them? Have another pair to recommend? We have some cheap ones from Babies R Us that are maybe too heavy for the girls or too tight on their noses?

Two. A few weeks back a fellow blogger and Instagrammer was doing a series of three giveaways for her three favorite things and she mentioned Leather Earrings and I fell in love. They are lightweight and beautiful and I want them all. I am just trying to decide on a color. Plus you an pick out of three different sizes per piece. So cool. Aren't these beautiful?

Three. I have some picky toddlers. They love to eat meat and carbs. Love them. They like some veggies, but hate fruit. I don't know if it is the texture, it being cold or what, but they don't like fruit that much. My cousin showed us some fruit and veggie melts that her daughter loves and gave our girls a few to try. They loved them. Basically they are freeze dried fruits and veggies. My girls have been going through these things so fast now. And they have been trying more veggies as of late. Total win!

Four. I am on the search for green (army green) chino pants or crop pants. I fell in love with some at Gap Factory, but they didn't have my size in stores or online. So ladies, where can I find some similar to these in a green?

Five. My sister recommended The Choice as a movie and it is also a book by Nicholas Sparks. Have any of you read the book? Should I read it first before watching the movie? I am almost done with Me Before You and I know I want to read the sequel, but I am always looking for my next book. And my local library has it on the app Overdrive, so I am hoping to read it there (free). Any suggestions on my next book is very much welcomed.

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Confessional Thursday

Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's Thursday and even though I am on vacation, I couldn't pass up a Confessional Thursday link up. So please join Lynn and I. Grab the button below and link up at the bottom.
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I confess that vacation is heavenly and I never want to go back to work. Ha. If only I could make that happen, but alas we need the money, mommy needs her sanity (adult conversations) and my girls love the socialization.

I confess that I have eaten dessert every night this week and I will do it again tonight. Our cabins have a main lodge that provides breakfast and dinner as part of your stay. The food is heavenly and they have fresh baked pies and desserts everyday. And I have eaten all the pies I can get my hands on....coconut cream pie, mud pie, peach pie, blackberry and the list goes on. I will need to run 7 days straight after this trip.

I confess that I wanted to wear my new bikini so badly this week, but with cabin life and lots of families, I didn't want to show off the goods. My bikini has a slight cheeky to it and is more suited for the beach rather than the cabin. I need to hit the beach soon so I can wear this beauty.

I confess that I needed this weekend away to recharge and reconnect with my family. I get too stressed out at work (even though my work is lower stress) over getting passed up for promotions, people who suck getting rewarded and people taking advantage of things and people. It is nice to get away from it all and see all the good in life.

I confess that not wearing much make up or doing my hair everyday feels really nice. Love cabin life.

I confess that having limited wifi during this trip has been a blessing. We are forced (in a good way) to connect with each other and not with our phones and tv. We can watch a bit of tv in the lodge and we have used the iPad at night to watch a movie while we fell asleep, but little use of technology is heavenly.

I confess that I wrote most of my blog posts for this week way ahead of time. So nice to not have to think about it while I am gone and just link up when needed.

I confess that I felt bad when I called my dentist office to change my appointment last week. I had an appointment scheduled during vacation time (you schedule it 6 months in advance and I didn't know the dates of this vacation yet), so I had to change it. Plus I wanted to change back to my old hygienist. Last time, I got sick the day before my appointment and had to cancel it, so they put me with the newer hygienist and she was ok, but not my girl. So when I called to change this one, I asked for my girl Sarah and said I felt bad, but I like Sarah so much more. Gotta speak up.

And that's all my confessions for the week.
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What's Hap-Pinning

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I am in the midst of enjoying vacation. All the coffee I can drink, amazing breakfast and dinner prepared every night and lots of outdoors time. It is heavenly here.

Today I am linking up with Jenn and Jessi for What's Hap-Pinning.

I am ALWAYS searching for summer recipes and I have been pinning away in hopes of making some of these when we get back from vacation...because I am eating dessert every night without a care. At least I won't care until I get back.

This pineapple salsa looks so good. We are always eating Mexican food and what better way to change up a side dish or appetizer with pineapple salsa. I can't wait to try this and add a margarita with it.

These grilled shrimp tacos would go perfectly with the pineapple salsa above. I love how light and yummy this dish sounds. 

I love cucumber salads. I used to make them all the time, but haven't as much lately. But we are growing our own cucumbers again and this salad is perfect for it. Plus we have some dill growing too. Super simple and it uses greek yogurt instead of mayo or sour cream. Yum.

Not sure this is super healthy, but it has my favorite things. A caprese garlic bread. It would be perfect for a dinner party or pair this with some prosciutto, salami and pepperoni for an Italian style lunch or dinner.

This is the fruit salsa that our favorite brunch spot gives us every time we go. The girls love it. It is so fresh and yummy. Now I can make it at home.

I love Mexican corn, but it is no secret that it isn't that healthy for you. That is why this version is so much better for you. It doesn't use mayo. Instead it uses greek yogurt. Sign me up!

I love a good piece of grilled chicken, but grilled chicken needs a good marinade on it or bbq sauce. This marinade looks pretty easy and most of these items I have on hand. I can't wait to try it.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Another Monday is here and I am super excited to be heading to Graeagle this afternoon. I am looking forward to the sun, clean mountain air and lots of family time. But we did have an amazing weekend.

Friday after work, I took my dad to lunch for an early Father's Day celebration. We had the best burgers and steak sandwich. Then we grabbed coffee and I headed back to pick up the girls. We had an allergy appointment for Miss Sutton. Since she got hives a few weeks back, we wanted to make sure she wasn't allergic to anything. And I knew the awful allergy test was on the agenda, but Sutton did not. Poor baby girl hated the test, but I loved the cuddles she gave me while waiting for the test to be over with.

The good news is, Sutton isn't allergic to any of the things they tested for (wheat, eggs, milk, cats, dogs, peanuts, etc). The red spot is her allergy (histamine) hive reaction to compare to.

All the while, Avery was hanging out with her grandma and she was a bit crazy. Eye teething problems.

That evening I fed them dinner, we played a bit and took a long walk to calm them down. Don't miss the afternoon nap. It causes crazy babies.
 We only eat our food with our sunnies on.
And with our pacis

Saturday morning we went to breakfast, met up with a friend, took our afternoon naps and then ran a few errands to prepare for Graeagle. We went to dinner at Thai food and the girls ate chicken sautee and roti. They didn't have an allergic reaction to the peanuts so we call that a huge win! When we got home, we put the girls to bed and caught up on some tv.

Sunday we got up bright and early for Father's Day breakfast with my in-laws at our favorite restaurant. After we got ready, we gave Rory his gifts.
 Nevada succulent planter
 The card

After breakfast the girls took their naps. My in-laws came over to hang out with the girls so Rory and I could go to Banana Repulic to buy some clothes, grab some coffee and go to Sierra Water Gardens to plant Rory's Nevada planter box that we got him for Father's Day.
 Rory's Father's Day breakfast
 My father-in-law
Sutton and her grandma
Rory and his completed Nevada succulent planter box
 Sierra Water Gardens
Rory and his girls

After our errands, we came home to hang out with the girls and relax. They took their afternoon naps, but were still a bit cranky after due to teething their eye teeth. So we ordered some local Italian takeout (a new place), ate dinner, gave the girls a bath and had an early night for them. We spent the evening packing some stuff for vacation, writing this post and then my sister came over to drop off some movies for my iPad and some yummy fresh fish from our family friend. It was a good night. 

We capped off the evening with ice cream, wine and some Million Dollar Listing (New York).

How was your Father's Day weekend? 

I am linking up with Biana from B Loved Boston.

Friday Favorites

Friday, June 17, 2016

It's Friday again and my vacation starts in just a few short hours. I can't wait. We aren't leaving until Monday, but I won't be seeing work all next week, so vacation starts now.

I am linking up with Karli, April and Erica.

One. Orange is the New Black came out this morning and I can't wait to watch it. I have watched every episode and usually within a weekend. And this weekend will be no different. Oh wait, I have toddlers on the move now. I hope to get through it all by Monday afternoon when we head out to Graeagle. Are you excited for Season 4? Side note: I remember when I watched the first episode. I was at the gym and the lesbian scene came on and I am sure everyone behind me (I was on the rotating steps and had treadmills behind me) could see it. I was a little embarrassed.

Two. Vacation is here which means I have some posts scheduled for next week, but I won't be around much. I will go into the small town near my cabin and I have wifi in the main lodge, so I can and will respond to emails and comments. But it might not be in a timely manner. Relaxation here I come.

Three. I think I am late to the game, but I just ordered Chrissy Teigan's cookbook Cravings. Everything looks amazing in it and I can't wait to try some new recipes. Anyone else have her cookbook? Love it? Hate it? Recommend any recipes to cook first?

Four. I received my Strange Bikini last weekend I am in love. It fits perfectly and she customized it for this mommy. So it has more coverage in the back than a full cheeky version and it has a higher front (by 1/2 inch) to make sure it covers my c-section scar. It has been amazing working with Ali on my bikini. I love the colors and the braiding she did with it. So beautiful.

Front (Love the braiding details)

I can't wait to show it to you all when it is on because the photos don't do it justice. It is so beautiful!

Five. Don't forget to enter to win yourself a beautiful Jord wooden watch. I am absolutely in love with mine and you can have your own by entering HERE for a chance to win a $75 gift card to use at their online store. And even if you don't win, they will send you a $20 e-certificate that you can put towards a watch. A total win.

Confessional Thursday

Thursday, June 16, 2016

It's Thursday which means it is time for a Confessional Thursday link up with Lynn and I. Grab the button below and link up at the bottom.
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I confess that I haven't finished Rory's Father's Day gift yet. Total slacking, but I haven't had much time to put it all together. I have almost everything for his gift, but still need a few things and to put it all together. He has a softball game tonight, so hoping I can finish it then. I can't wait to shower my hubby for his special day.

I confess that I am super excited for lunch with my dad tomorrow. I am celebrating Father's Day with him early. Just my dad and I!

I confess that I am really feeling progress in my running. I can run for longer periods of time and at a faster pace. I can't wait to get back to where I was. I know it will be awhile before that happens, but goals people.

I confess that I have spent a lot of money on e-books recently. My love for reading is at an all time high again and I am downloading book after book. I just downloaded Me Before You to read while on vacation next week. But I am sure I will start it well before.

I confess that I am scared to try peanut butter with my girls. I really want them to be able to enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut butter and apples, peanut butter and celery, but with their grandfather being allergic, I am scared to try it. And to make matters worse, a fellow twin mom (in my local area) gave it to her girls Tuesday night for the second time and one baby had a bad allergic reaction. The other did not. Ugh. I need to woman up and let them try it.

I confess that I am sad some of our family members won't be going on our vacation next week. Not only will we not enjoy their company, but less people to golf with and hang out with the babies.

I confess that I whined about my husband reading my blog this week. He never reads it and decided to on Monday and Tuesday. I normally wouldn't care, but with Father's Day coming up, I didn't want him to ruin a surprise or see something he may receive for Father's Day. Ugh.

I confess that I have a weird thing with odd ages. I am 32, going to be 33 very soon. I try not to think about it, but Rory keeps reminding me (by asking for gift ideas). For some strange reason, I think that even years (30, 32, 34, etc) are better years and that odd ones throw me off or aren't as good. It's stupid and something I need to get over.

I confess that I dislike NBA a lot, but I love watching the Warriors in the playoffs. Sure, I sound like a bandwagoner (is that even a word), but it is so fun to watch Curry dominate. But only at the playoffs.

I confess that we booked our trip to Oklahoma City/Norman. Why are we going there? Because that is where my best friend lives now and we miss them. Sure, I saw them last week, but we want to visit and go to an OU football game. We are only going Friday through Monday, but it is a long weekend away. And one without the girls. They will be staying with grandparents and it will be the longest Rory and I have been away from the girls together. But I can't wait!

And those are my confessions.
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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Father's Day is this Sunday. I can't believe it. I have been trying to find the perfect gift for Rory from myself and the girls. It has been no easy feat, but we have it covered. I thought I would share some of the ideas I had in mind for Rory.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven /

One. We recently had family photos done and it would be the perfect time to put a picture of daddy and his girls in this sweet frame.

Two. We got Rory the beer cap map for his birthday and he LOVES it. He has already started putting beer caps in and it is hanging in his office.

Three. It is no secret that we love succulents and this is such a cool idea and way to display them.

Four. We saw this Yeti bag at the REI sale and Rory wanted it so badly. I would have gotten this one, but it was $350 and that is a little steep for me right now. Maybe a Christmas gift.

Five. Nikon Range Finder is perfect for the golfer in your life. I am always asking Rory how far out my ball is and this would totally help him (me) out.

Six. Yeti does it again with this tumbler. It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. Simple and amazing.

Seven. This shower gel smells like heaven. I would use it for myself too. It has a manlier smell to it and it leaves your skin feeling amazing. I may have sampled it at the Lush store.

Eight. I love funny cups and this one is simple but good.

Nine. This weekender bag is perfect for all the weekend trips we take. Wait, we don't get to do those much. But it is perfect for traveling and I have one too. I love mine.

Ten. Wooden watches are my thing. I love mine and this one is pretty awesome. You can see the inner workings of the watch which makes it even more appealing. You can win $75 towards a Jord watch in yesterday's post.  

Eleven. A monogrammed growler is perfect for the beer drinker in your life. We have tons of breweries around the city and love filling our growler up. These stainless steel ones are better than the glass ones.

What are you getting your father, husband, grandfather or that special man in your life?

I am linking up with Jessi and Jenn today.

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