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Fall Recipe Blog Hop

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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There is just something about the Fall time that makes me want to bake, make soups and eat all the comfort food. Recently, I posted about pumpkin sugar cookies. This isn't my recipe, all the credit goes to Lisa at Wine and Glue. My mom makes these killer pumpkin cookies, but I will rarely make them because they are never as good as my makes them. Plus if I ask, she usually will make these for me. And bonus, the girls love them.

Anyways, I love sugar cookies and I love pumpkin cookies, so when I saw this recipe combining them, I knew I had to make it. The pumpkin is light and the cookies are fluffy. It is the perfect Fall cookie.
Fall Recipe Blog Hop

By: Lisa at Wine and Glue
Makes 24 cookies

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

1 1/2 cups of sugar plus some for rolling the cookies in
2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
14 tbl unsalted butter (1 3/4 stick) at room temperature
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg yolk
1/2 cup 100% pure pumpkin puree


1. In a large bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon.
2. Using your mixer, mix together the butter and sugar on medium until it is light and fluffy.
3. Mix in the egg yolk, then vanilla and then the pumpkin puree.
4. Turn your mixer down to low and slowly mix in the flour mixture. I put in a small portion at a time, so it does not gum up your paddle. Scrap the sides to make sure the flour mixture is thoroughly combined.
5. Put your dough in fridge for 20 minutes. While your dough is setting, preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
6. Roll your dough into one inch balls. Roll the balls in sugar and place on a silicon mat or parchment lined cookie sheet. Make sure to space your cookies out (around 2 inches) and gently press them down.
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe
 Silpat (I use it for all my baking)
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

7. Bake for 15 minutes, rotating your cookie sheet halfway through.
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

8. Cool on your cookie sheet for two minutes and then move the cookies to a cooling rack.
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

9. Enjoy!
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

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$10 at Target

Monday, October 16, 2017

It is time for another round of spending money at Target, also known as $10 at Target.
$10 at Target

My girls LOVE Home Depot. They get so excited when we are going there and they often ask if we can go there. Silly girls, but then they do the same thing with Target and that makes me so happy because who doesn't love Target?!

This month I was pretty boring. I didn't find anything that I just could not leave without, so I got some candy and a candy bowl. Next month I will adventure out more as I hope to get a few more Fall decorations and prep for Christmas.

I just bought a huge bag of candy at Costco and didn't want to put it in our big mixing bowl like I normally do, so I grabbed the cutest pumpkin bowl. It is large, simple and I can use it again next year.
pumpkin bowl

I also grabbed a bag of mini Reese's. Why? I figured I can't break into the big bag of candy yet, so these will do for now. Plus who doesn't love Reese's. And when I eat 5 of them, I don't feel so bad since they are minis.
Reece's Minis

So how did I do?

Pumpkin Candy Bowl $4.00
Reese's Minis $2.66
Tax (8.265%) $0.55

Total $ 7.21

Hopefully next month I find more interesting stuff at Target. Or more likely next week since I go there almost weekly. Don't judge, you know you do too! 


Friday Favorites

Friday, October 13, 2017

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Did anyone else feel like this was a long week? I mean my evenings were pretty full of appointments (pampering myself since everyone moved my appointments to the same week), but the work days were long and I was super busy. But I am so glad we have another weekend upon us. We don't have much planned, and I am ok with that.

Happy Friday the 13th all!

ONE. So I have been looking into all the things we are going to do for the Halloween season and I can't wait to dress my girls up. The weekend before (the 28th), we are heading to our state's parade since Nevada Day is Friday October 27th. I haven't been since I was a kid and Rory wants to share it with the girls. Then we have a trick or treating event at the Discovery Museum and since we are members there, we are taking full advantage of it this year. We have a few other trick or treating events around town plus actual Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, I have to fly down to Las Vegas the day before for work and stay overnight. I am hoping my case is heard as #1 (won't find out til later this month), so I can change my flight to an earlier one and get home way before Rory and the girls do to prep for the evening. Otherwise, I will be running home right after I land (at 5:05) just to make it in time to take the girls out.

And if you don't remember, these are the girls Halloween costumes plus shoes.
Minnie Costume
Red Toddler Dress Shoe

TWO. I have been waiting for a certain sweater to come back in stock at Mindy Mae's Market and it finally did this week. I scooped it up as soon as I saw it. It is perfect for the fall/winter and so simple but cute.
heart sweater

THREE. Growing up, my mom decorated our house for the big holidays....Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But she also would decorate a bit for holidays like Independence DAy and Valentine's Day. I loved this growing up. I probably didn't appreciate it like I do now, but it was always fun to have a house decorated. Now that I have children of my own who are getting old enough to enjoy the holidays, I want to recreate that feeling in my own house.

Last weekend I went to Hobby Lobby and Pier 1 Imports to find more Fall/Halloween decor for the inside of my house. I want to add a few pieces each year, so I can get my house up to my mom's standards. But I also don't want to buy all the cheap stuff. Balance.

When I went into Pier 1 Imports, I was in heaven. They had all their Fall/Halloween decor up front, and I bought a few things, but then I browsed the Christmas stuff and I picked out a ton. I am going to go back every couple weeks and buy a few items each time, so I don't break the bank and we will have a ton of new Christmas decorations. Seriously, if you haven't been to Pier 1 Imports in awhile (I hadn't), go check them out.

I bought the cutest glass pumpkins. They are thick and amazing quality.
Pier 1 Imports Glass Pumpkin
Pier 1 Imports Glass Pumpkin

FOUR. Don't forget that Monday is our $10 at Target link up. I know you all go to Target often like me, so come back here on Monday and share what you bought and see if I went over.
$10 at Target

FIVE. I found the perfect appetizer for any party, tailgate or just to impress when having people over for dinner. I can't wait to try these out.
Carmelized onion, mushroom and apple bites

I am linking up with April, A Little Bit of Everything, Meet @ the Barre and Cup of Tea.

Girl Chat - Favorite Halloween Costume

Thursday, October 12, 2017

It is time for another round of Girl Chat. This time we are talking about, well showing, our favorite Halloween costume.
Girl Chat

This one is tough because I definitely would pick something from my childhood as I was a dead cheerleader, an army woman, my little pony, a doctor and the list goes on and on. I had every intention on going to my parents house a few weeks back (which I did go there) and go through the boxes and boxes of pictures to find some Halloween photos, but then toddlers get in the way and you just play with them instead of going through the boxes.

So I guess I will show you some past favorite costumes....some show more skin than I would ever show now on Halloween.
Grease costumes
 Danny and Sandy
 Bleeker and Juno
Dr. Suess Costumes
Dr. Suess costumes
cop costume
Girl Scout costume
Girl Scout

To link up - just grab our graphic, link up, and let's getting to chatting!  Make sure to stop by a few others linked up for an extra bit of girl chat! 
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Weekending - An Apple Hill Weekend

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We had one amazing weekend even though Sutton had a yucky cold. We made the most of it and accomplished a lot.

Friday after work, we grabbed some lunch and ran errands to get myself another b12 shot. This one was different than the rest as I had an endurance boost and fat blaster boost added to it. I feel so much better! Then we ran to Ulta so I could get my Urban Decay Natural eye shadow palette and I picked up the prettiest Opi nail polish.

Then we came home to unload everything and then decided to grab Walter and walk down to the girls daycare to pick them up. It was a quick 20 minute walk and Walter and I waited outside while Rory went to grab the girls. They were so excited to see us and to walk home, but that changed after about 200 yards. They had no desire to walk home. Ha. But we made it and then gave them some more snacks and water.

I ran out to pick myself up my favorite salad since Rory was going out with friends that evening to celebrate a birthday.

We did the usual routine of making the girls dinner, bath time and then cuddles before reading 6 books. Yes they roped me into 6 books on Friday. Then they fell asleep, but that didn't last long.

Rory left and I settled in to watch Grey's Anatomy and ate my salad. Soon after, I started an episode of Bloodline and then Sutton woke herself up from coughing so much. I spent the next hour in their room and decided to go to bed after since she was waking at the slightest sound. Rory came home at 11 pm and Sutton woke again. Ugh. She was up for a lot of the night which meant we were too.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast and then to Home Depot. The girls begged to go there and I decided we could look at some Halloween decorations for outside. We bought a few items and then headed home. After putting the girls down for their naps, I headed out to Hobby Lobby and Pier 1 for more indoor Fall decor. I didn't get to shop much because Sutton coughed herself awake. At this point I thought we would have to cancel our babysitter for the night due to Sutton coughing so much. But Chandler (our cousin) said no way and she was up for it.

We took the girls to the park for some swings and playtime since it was warm and thought it would help Sutton's cough.
identical twins

After we got home, we gave Sutton a breathing treatment and it helped a ton. They had the best time together that night.

Rory and I headed to the tailgate for some amazing bbq, football and fun. Then we went into the Nevada vs. Hawaii game with doubts, but they pulled off their first win of the season and it was a good game.
Nevada Wolf Pack Football game
Nevada Wolf Pack Football game

Sunday morning we woke up, got everyone ready and headed out to breakfast before going to my parents house to meet everyone for our annual Apple Hill trip.

Once we got there, we waited for my sister and her fiance to show up. They got there when we were doing bathroom breaks for the girls. But once I came out, my sister said she had something for me. And she gave me this.
ways to ask someone to be your bridesmaid

The note had a tie around it and I pulled it out. It had the most heartfelt note asking me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding in June. I said of course and gave her a big hug. I am going to be a bridesmaid in my little sisters wedding just like she was in my wedding. Full circle and I am so proud and excited to be a part of her wedding.

Our first stop was Grandpa's Cellar. When we got there, we saw that there were chickens nearby and the girls wanted to go see them. They were so fascinated with the chickens.
Grandpas Cellar
Grandpas Cellar

We ate a slice of pie or apple crisp for some of us and then we went into their little store to buy a few things. The girls were on a "haunted" nature walk with their grandparents.

Next, we went to Rainbow Orchards where they have the best apple cider donuts. Heavenly. While some people waited in line for the cider and donuts, the rest of us hung out in the field areas where they had a band playing, hay bales to sit on and outdoor vendors. They also had some John Deer tractors that the kids could take photos on.
Rainbow Orchards

After Rainbow Orchards, we headed to El Dorado Orchards so the girls could go on the train like this did a year previous. When we arrived, they were so excited for the train, but once we got closer to paying and going on it, they freaked out and started crying. So we asked again if they wanted to ride and they said no. Then we found a face painting booth and asked if they wanted to do that. They were super excited. They picked out their designs, Minnie Mouse of course and then we were set to go. I sat down first and the girls took turns. I was worried they wouldn't sit still or like it, but they did amazingly. And they were so cute.

After they were finished, we did a little photoshoot and all the grandparents were snapping photos. So cute.
Minnie Mouse face painting
Minnie Mouse face painting
El Dorado Orchards face painting
El Dorado Orchards face painting
El Dorado Orchards face painting
El Dorado Orchards face painting

Next, we headed to Boa Vista which was packed and crazy. We put the girls in their strollers for this adventure since there were so many people there. We bought some apples, pears, mustards and nuts. We also did a potty break for the girls since it was the first place that had normal bathrooms. The girls refuse to use porta potties. They barely went in their pull ups that we put on as a safe guard.

Next, we headed to High Hill Ranch, but we just played in the park like area while others shopped because this place is even more chaotic than Boa Vista. Plus the girls were getting tired. They did look at more tractors with my dad and Rory.

Finally, we headed off back to Lake Tahoe for pizza. The girls slept the hour ride there which was nice since you could tell they were tired. Then we had the best pizza, garlic chips and a nice cold beer. It was the perfect ending to the day.

We got home at 9:15 which is way later than normal. The girls slept in the car most of the car ride home, but were not so happy when we had to wake them up once we got home. And they were even more sad this morning when they realized that we wiped their Minnie face painting off the night before.

But overall, it was a great weekend. I love Apple Hill weekend!
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Friday Favorites

Friday, October 6, 2017

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It is almost time for the weekend and one of my favorite weekends this season. We have lots planned and after my debacle with Apple on Wednesday, I could use the weekend and a few glasses of wine or scotch. Word of advice, buy your iPhone at your phone carrier. Save yourself from getting the new guy to screw up your service, cancel your service and give you a loan without your permission.

Onto Friday favorites and happenings.

ONE. iPhone 8 Plus accessories. There is one thing I don't like about getting a new phone....getting new accessories. Plus if you go from a 64 gb iPhone to a 256 gb phone, you will need to purchase more icloud storage if you are like me and only got the 99 gb storage. Ugh. But I am sharing with you my three accessories that I purchased and I am very happy with.

First up is the wireless headphones because there is no headphone jack in the new iPhones. You can use the attachment they give you, but my Skull Candies did not fit in it. Since I like to run, I got one that is geared towards that.
Phaister bluetooth headphones

Second, I needed a new case because I have kids and I can't go that long without a case. I got the gold iPhone 8 Plus and I love the color of it. Plus it has a white glass backing, so I wanted a clear case that wasn't too bulky, but still covered my phone. The Matone got amazing reviews and fit the bill to what I need.
Matone iphone 8 case

Lastly, I ordered the PopSocket for this phone. I like the idea of having another way to hold it and with how much bigger it is than my iPhone 6s, I didn't want to drop it. 

TWO. Yesterday Lindsay (from Lindsay's Sweet World) wrote about her Vegas (check it out, it is beautiful). She captured the beauty, fun and experience of Vegas. I spoke about the Vegas massacre on Tuesday and today it is still affecting me (I have cried a lot this week).

Just yesterday I was gmail chatting with my best friend and she said she is having a hard time this week. I asked her if it had to do with Vegas and she said yes. We talked about all of our friends and families affected in this and how many people we know that are injured. Heartbreaking.

Plus I work for the Gaming Control Board, so we have been very involved in this. Researching our databases and finding out anything we could on Paddock and gaming.

But my heart feels a little better when I get videos of friends recovering in the ICU and are walking when just a couple days ago they were shot in the chest, in a coma and had a collapsed and badly damaged lung. God is doing beautifully things helping these people recover, but I am still sending my prayers daily and trying to do anything I can to help.

THREE. J Crew Factory is having a sale right now....50% off of everything. I have been wanting a pair of the Gigi leggings, but didn't want to pay full price. I also have been looking at the cutest ruffle shoulder sweater. Both are in my shopping bag and definitely going to be purchase today as it is also payday!
J Crew ruffle sweater
J Crew Gigi pants

FOUR. This weekend we are going to Apple Hill. It is my favorite Fall event. We eat apple pie ala mode, buy apple desserts, pick pumpkins, ride the train around the pond, look at crafts, drink apple wine and beer and spend time with family. It is just perfect.

Plus we have another home football game this weekend versus Hawaii. Let's see if my team can pull off their first win of the season. Yes they are 0 and 5 and totally sucking. I have never experienced the Wolf pack being this bad. Fingers crossed for a win.

I am linking up with April, A Little Bit of Everything, Meet @ the Barre and Cup of Tea.
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Thoughts and Confessions

Thursday, October 5, 2017

It is been a week and we are not even done yet. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for some Thoughts and Confessions...

- We were having such great success with potty training and then something happened. I don't know if it was Rory being gone for 8 days or what, but the girls regressed a lot in potty training, but only at school. When they were home last weekend, they didn't have any accidents and sometimes would go hours in between going to the bathroom. But then at school, they were having 3 or 4 accidents in one day, so the teachers would put them in pull ups, so no more accidents. Then the pull ups would be dry. So I am not sure what is going on, but it sucks. I just hope they get back into their routine and have less or no accidents.

- I am still so heartbroken over the Las Vegas massacre. To read my friends stories of their first hand experiences makes me so sad. Our world is so scary right now. I just can't even imagine what they saw and the fear they have now. #prayforVegas

- I have been super annoyed in my car because my blind spot monitor hasn't been working. I try to test it out all the time. I drive at the same pace as another car and turn on my blinker (no I am not going to really change lanes) and nothing comes up. And then my back up senor wasn't working either. I kept brushing it off and saying that I would take it to Toyota to fix it. But then I thought maybe there is a button or area to turn it on and off, so I checked the manual. Somehow it did get turned off and all is right, but I kinda feel dumb since it took me this long to fix it and be that lazy about it.

- I made cookies on Friday and have eaten at least three a day and will be making more tonight or tomorrow. They are that good and I can't get enough of them. #cookiemonster

- So I tried Blue Apron for two weeks. I thought it was a pretty good deal. I got three meals with two servings each. I liked almost all of the meals and I wasn't sure I would when I was preparing them. You use ingredients that sometimes you normally wouldn't (like bok choy or shoshito peppers) and I loved that you branched out more. I did have one bad pepper in one of my dishes, but there was enough peppers that it didn't matter that much. The only thing I would change would be to have three servings instead of two. Sometimes the two servings was huge and enough for me and leftovers or me and Rory eating big portions, but other times, I felt like it was barely enough for me and a hungry husband. I now want to try some other boxes to see how I like them.

-I started decorating our house for Fall and Halloween and I realized that I need way more stuff, so I am hoping to go to Hobby Lobby and Target tomorrow.

- I have been buying something at Nordstrom every week lately. I love getting new clothes for work/Fall/Winter, but I think my husband is giving me the side eye when they show up weekly. Ha.

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