Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday's Confessions

It is Wednesday, so that means link up with Bella from Dateless in Dallas.  I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday which is my Friday this week due to my awful furlough days we STILL have to take.  Ugh.  This week is just dragging on.  But enough complaining.  Let's get down to my confessions for the week.

I confess that I am dreading my birthday next weekend (August 2nd).  I will be 31 and that isn't too bad (I almost cried writing that), but I feel like I am so far behind where I thought I would be.  The 21 year old me thought by the time I was 26, I would be married.  Nope.  I did not get married until I turned 30 (I was 30 for 15 days).  I thought I would have my first child at 28 and second at 30.  Negative on both of those.  I thought I would have traveled all over Europe before having children.  I have only been to England, and I am dying to travel Europe (big time travel bug here).

But then I think of all the amazing things I do have in my life at almost 31 (living up the "I am 30" until the last second).  We have a home that we are buying.  We have the best dog in the WORLD, Walter.  We are married.  We have great jobs (even if I complain about my job ALL THE TIME).  We have amazing friends and family.  We are healthy.  We travel often (around two amazing vacations a year plus smaller ones here and there).  We are fortunate enough to be able to try for children.  And I think we are at a very stable place in life right now.  So life is pretty good right now.

I confess I bought a few bunch of items today at the Nordstrom anniversary sale.  I figured it is an early birthday present to myself.  Plus the bra I have been coveting for a few months now is on sale and I couldn't help myself.  I may have also bought a shirt on groopdealz and have been shopping around online for a new pair of black heels.  Oh bank account, please don't hate me.

I confess that I still have some writers block going on.  I need some new ideas for my blog.  New things to write about, experience and so forth.

That's about all the confessions I can manage for now.  I think I need a bigger cup of coffee and to step away from my computer before I buy the internet up.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Football on the Brain

I have football on my mind.  Yesterday at the gym, the TVs were full of the upcoming football season.  From Eli Manning's franchise record 27 interceptions, to the 49ers new stadium to the season predictions. 

I CAN.NOT.WAIT until football starts.  My weekends will be consumed watching the Wolf Pack play at home (season ticket holder) and lazy Sundays watching NFL.  There is definitely something about Fall and football season.  Though I am enjoying the warmer weather and beach days, I can't wait for everything Fall brings.

What I am looking forward to in Fall:
Annual Apple Hill trip
Apple pie and cider
Fall Clothes and boots
Trip to Avalon, NJ for a wedding

Football in Numbers:
In 16 days, the 49ers will play their first game of the preseason (I'll take what I can get).
In 26 days, the 49ers will play their first game (preseason) in the new Levi's stadium (great day. Also my anniversary).
In 39 days, the Nevada Wolf Pack will play their first game of the season (and at home) against Southern Utah. 
In 47 days, the 49ers will play their first regular season game.

Are you as excited about football as I am?

Monday, July 21, 2014

July Group Giveaway

It is Monday again which is my least favorite day, but I have a giveaway to share with you all that will hopefully make your day better.  But first a little weekend update.

As I mentioned in my last post, I headed to the Bay Area on Thursday for work.  My day started bright and early at 3:15 am...thanks to a 5 am flight.  But the good thing about a flight so early, breakfast when you land!  I had the best blueberry pancakes before driving around the crazy Bay Area freeways.

Once I checked into my hotel (way late due to traffic), I headed to the best hotel gym (maybe best gym ever) and proceeded to work out for an hour and 45 minutes.  Yes I have to be exact with my minutes here because this gym was THAT GOOD.  I didn't want to leave.  I even contemplated (key word) getting up way early to go again.  This gym had these machines called ROC-IT by Hoist.  I literally tried everyone and was extremely sore the next day, but so worth it.

Since I worked my butt off, I wanted some seafood.  And since my friend lives in town (but was away on business, boo), she recommended a few places to me.  I went to Escape From Fisherman's Wharf.  Amazing and definitely filled the seafood craving.
#12 combo.  Crab (so much fresh crab) croissant sandwich with avocado, lettuce and tomato.  Bowl of homemade clam chowder and chips (that were not consumed).

Friday I drove way up north past wine country into Ukiah and Willits, CA.  Beautiful drive.  But along the way, I stopped for some of the best coffee I have ever had (close to Costa Rica coffee, but CR still wins).  I went to Mountain Grounds.  The owner made my drink and it was perfection.  I am literally still dreaming of this drink and it's just coffee.
Looks simple, and it really is, but the best coffee drink EVER.  Espresso, vanilla, whole milk, ice and a smidge of whipped cream.  HEAVEN!

It is also worth noting that if you are in Ukiah, CA, you should go to The Bottle Shop for a sandwich.  They have their own mustard (Mendocino mustard), fresh meats and veggies, fully stocked assorted drinks and chips, plus so much more. 

I flew home Friday evening to this.
The cutest husband and dog pairing.

Saturday was spent watching the thunderstorms roll in, some boring chores, tv catch up, a movie and dinner out.  A perfect lazy Saturday.

Sunday we wanted to go to the lake, but again thunderstorms and rain rolled in.  So instead we went golfing.  We were paired with the best father/son match-up (70s and 50s), and I was definitely playing so much better.  You need those golf games to make you want to keep playing and yesterday was definitely one of those days for me.  Sadly, the rain, thunder and lightening hit hard (right over us) at hole 15, so our round was cut short after that hole.  But we did see this.

Plus we grilled some amazing carne asada, made homemade salsa and guac and a little spanish rice.  Perfect ending to a great day.

Now it is Monday, and a long week ahead, so I will just be at my desk dreaming of my coffee heaven.

And now onto the giveaway.  Just like last month, I am participating in a giveaway with the amazing Karli from September Farm and many others.  So please check out these amazing girls I am doing this giveaway with and just maybe you will find some new bloggers to be smitten with (I know you will).

So get yourself entered for $235 cash plus some ad spaces from two of these gals!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little Late

I am finally getting around to my weekend update...only a few days late. Better late than never, or maybe no one noticed?

I am starting my weekend on Thursday, even though I worked Friday (half day) because we went to a Reno Aces game.  I haven't been to one in about a year, and we were given free tickets by my husband's friend.   I missed the Aces games.  Plus we had some great seats. 

I finally got my hair done.  I didn't change it up at all, but finally covered my massive roots that were showing.  I wish I could have my hairstylist blow dry and style my hair daily.  I don't know how she gets the volume, softness and perfection to it.  That even was filled with amazing Italian food and relaxation.

In the morning, we headed to the eye doctor, so I could help my husband pick out new sunglasses with a prescription in them.  He doesn't need them to do everyday things, but really only at night, movies, football/baseball games and driving.  While he was finalizing his order, I was trying on sunglasses for fun.  And since I showed him the Ray-Bans I mentioned here, I wanted to try on others in hopes he gets me a new pair for my birthday, or that pretty Michael Kors watch.  Either or both will do.  I tried on these Ray-Bans for fun and fell in love (which is weird because they normally look weird on my face).

My dear friend Matt got married to the love of his life Kate.  If you remember, I talked about him getting married in England in May, but they finally had their Reno ceremony and reception.  It was at the Galena Creek Park which turned out to be so beautiful.  We ate amazing barbeque food, petite cupcakes, cookies and candy, danced the night away and enjoyed a new English drink.  I can't remember the name of it, but it had some spice to it with some fruity flavors.  So good.  Anyone know of this drink?
Getting married
Table Centerpieces.  Notice the photo cards from their England wedding?  Gorgeous

We did the normal boring stuff like making breakfast, grocery shopping, cleaning house and cooking dinner.  But at least we finally got to use our new grill for the second time.  Did I forget to mention that it finally came in, only 4 weeks late.  Best home grilled steaks that evening.

And there you have it.  Finally a weekend update.  Now I am aching for this weekend to be here.  We don't have much going on, but a trip to Tahoe might be in order.  These 100 degree temperatures are killing me.

Tomorrow I am off to one of my favorite close cities for work....San Francisco.  It is a very short trip as it is only overnight and I will be back Friday late evening, but I can't wait to sink my teeth into some good seafood and enjoy the milder temperatures.

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Best Way to Consume Your Monday

I started writing my weekend update when I got lured into this awesomely awkward thread.

A few weeks ago, I got a comment from Bev, Halfway to Fearless, and I decided to check her blog out as I do with pretty much anyone who leaves me a comment.  I read a few of her posts, checked out her blog designs and bookmarked it to possibly check it out at a later time.  Fast forward to last week when I was perusing my bloglovin feed, and I tried to click her blog link.  No go.  I deleted her blog off my list and moved on.

Then I was reading Not Entirely Perfect this morning and came upon the best thread and most time consuming suck on my life (great for a Monday morning).  Please do yourself a favor and go read this thread.  I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.  Bev is crazy.  Well I don't even think crazy is the right word for her.  She is something else.

Recap if you don't have time to read it all:
Girl posts about giveaways and people say that she doesn't deliver on said giveaways.
Girl tries to get her view numbers up, so she lies about them and then posts in GOMI.
Girl posts recipes (stolen recipes), gets called out for it, then tries to delete the comments and fix her mistakes.
Girl makes fake accounts trying to be someone else, but gets busted (umm IP Addresses don't lie girl).
Girl posts as herself trying to defend herself.
Girl goes MIA and deletes twitter, facebook, blog, etc.
Her husband creates an account to tell everyone that she died in a tragic car accident.  Seriously going to lie and pull a soap opera move?  So unclassy.
Girls baby daddy's fiance posted saying she is very much alive.
Girl comes back saying she posted some stuff, but another girl, Caitlyn, was the one who posted all that stuff.


This has literally consumed my day.  And now it can consume yours.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday (finally) and I am participating in September Farm's Five on Friday.  And in honor of Five on Friday, I am writing about the five things that I want right now.

I am currently obsessed with and coveting these five beauties:

Ray-Ban Pink Mirrored Flash Lenses

I love the idea of pink sunglasses for summer and aviator glasses seem to fit my face pretty well.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph Glitz Watch

I really need a new watch that I can wear to work and on my work trips (since my others are more casual) and I love this watch.  From the color to the sparkle, it fits me pretty well.

I have been having a hard time finding silver jewelry lately and this fits the criteria of sparkle and silver.

I have been wanting a SLR camera for quite awhile for our bigger trips, for when we have children and just to use in general.  This one seems to get really good reviews and it is at a great price (or at least I think it is).

Top Left: Kate Spade Black Charm Heels  Bottom Left: Betsy Johnson Gown Heels  Right: Valentino Black Couture Leather Bow Pumps

I need a new pair of black heels and I love bows (wanted some for my wedding), so any of these three would be a perfect fit.  I really want the Valentino ones and have been coveting them for a few years now, but the $700 ish (you can find them for about $400 some places) has stopped me from getting these beauties.

Now only if I had more money and unlimited shopping excursions.  One can dream.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Anniversary Gifts

So my first anniversary is about 5 weeks away and I have no clue what to get for my husband.   I am stumped.  First anniversary is supposed to be paper (traditional) or clocks (modern).  I saw ideas for picture books, but I already did two photo albums and two photo books.  Yes I went overboard a bit, but I loved our wedding photos.  Plus we have a bunch around the house including a canvas piece.  So in love with it.

We promised each other we wouldn't spend too much as we are going to San Francisco for the weekend where we will enjoy a Giants game (hopefully they can start winning more games after last night's win), two amazing dinners, desserts, wine/cocktails, some shopping, exploring and whatever else catches our eye.  Plus my birthday is two weeks before, so he said he would go bigger for that.  No complaints here.

So I went to Google for to look up awesome/unique first anniversary gifts.  Here are a few that stood out to me.
image via HandmadeHQ

You can personalize this anyway you want.  From your first song lyrics to your vows to a love letter.  We wrote our owns vows, so maybe putting both sets?  I don't know if you can see the hearts on the tree very well, but one has the wedding date and the other two are your names.  Very cute idea.

San Francisco 49ers tickets.  Seems like an awesome gift that I could enjoy too, but as tickets are about $200 or more per seat since the new stadium opens this year, that is way above the price range we talked about.  Concert tickets?  Not sure there is anyone we are dying to see right now.

A year of planned dates.  It is a very cute idea and I am sure I could come up with 12 great date nights.  I might need your (my readers) help though.

A unique watch.  My husband used to love watches, but now he doesn't wear them often.  So I am not sure this is the gift for him.  But he can feel free to buy me a new one.

And now I am stumped.  So I need your help.  Any gifts you would recommend?  Like any of these?