Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Favorites

Is it me or did this week fly by? Maybe it did because I have been recovering from surgery or maybe because vacation is on the horizon. Either way, I am happy that it is Friday.

Onto Friday favorites and happenings.

ONE. I wanted to wish my husband a very Happy Anniversary. 5 years ago today, we were getting ready to have the best day of our lives (up until that point in time). All of the planning had finally come to an end and it was time to enjoy all of our hard work.

To say that it was a beautiful and magical day is an understatement. I know everyone says that about their wedding day, but it really was. From the moment I started walking down the aisle and I saw your face to the dancing for hours straight. It was such a fun day full of love. Your vows still make me cry. I read them every anniversary. Plus I read all the speeches that were given (everyone gave me a copy of them. Do that, it is worth it).

I love looking through our wedding photos each year and seeing how we were surrounded by love from all of our family and friends. Especially the ones who are no longer with us.

So thank you Rory for being my rock, my best friend, my love, the best father to our girls, my shoulder to cry on, my ear to vent to and my goofy song maker.

TWO. So in lieu of gifts for our anniversary this year, we decided to treat ourselves. We have some AMAZING spas in town that offer great deals for locals. All of our friends have gone to one of the spas for a spa day and we have yet to take advantage of it. Until now. We are gifting each other a spa day at one of the spas in town. We can spend the whole day there. We plan to work out, have an hour and a half massage, go in the hot tub, the salt rooms, the sauna, have lunch and hang out by the pool. And if we feel like doing anything else, we will. It is pricey, but soooo worth it. What did you do for gifts for your 5th anniversary?

THREE. I am putting this out there very early on, but I am traveling for work for almost two weeks and I know it is going to be hard to put enough posts together for that time. So I am seeing if anyone wants to do a guest post on my page? I can still "promote" it, but it is really hard to write any posts while I am gone. I will be needing guests posts from September 10 - 14 and 17 - 21. I will write my usual Girl Chat post for Thursday September 20th and I hope to have some others planned out for then as well. So send me your ideas.

FOUR. Do any of you have pet insurance for your pets? One of my friends is a surgical vet and she recommended it to me. I have been giving it a lot of thought as Walter is getting older, but not that old and still has a lot of life to live. But you just never know. So tell me your experience with pet insurance. Worth it?

FIVE. I recently signed up for Poshmark to sell my clothes and the girls clothes. Within the first week, I sold 7 dresses of the girls. It is sooo easy, quick and such a great process.

I am linking up with AprilA Little Bit of EverythingMeet @ the Barre and Cup of Tea.

Have a great weekend!
Thursday, August 16, 2018

Girl Chat - Quotes to Live By

It's time for another round of Girl Chat and this month's topic is Quotes to Live By. To be honest, I don't really live by any quotes. I feel like I don't post inspirational quotes. But there are a few that come to mind when I think of my favorite quotes.
Girl Chat link up

Girl Chat link up

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." - Mark Twain

This is something that I feel needs no explanation. It is simple and definitely something to live by.

"Love the life you live. Live the life you love." - Bob Marley

Another quote that I feel is self explanatory.

"Life is too short to wait."

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." - Michael Jordan

This is something I hope my girls live by. I want them to be great and make things happen.

"What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly." - Erin Hanson

This is probably the one I live by the most. You have to take chances in order to succeed and fly. Just beautiful.

What quotes do you live by?

To link up - just grab our graphic, link up, and let's getting to chatting!  Make sure to stop by a few others linked up for an extra bit of girl chat!  
Girl chat monthly link up

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My Septorhinoplasty Experience

I am documenting my septorhinoplasty surgery. This is how I felt, what I went through and my results. I wanted to document this journey as I researched a lot about the surgery and the recovery prior to having surgery myself. I found a few blogs out there, but definitely not enough. So this is my experience.

Thursday August 9th

Thursday morning I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. This part sucked since I wasn't able to eat after midnight. But after Rory and the girls left for the day, I watched some tv, showered and hung out with my dog. My dad picked me up just before 9 am and we headed to the hospital. I snapped a few selfies (which I am awful at taking) in the parking lot to show the befores. We checked in at 9:30 am and waited.
septorhinoplasty before photos

septorhinoplasty before photos

septorhinoplasty before photos

Not long later, I was brought back to a "room". I changed into a blow up warming gown, put on some non-slip socks and waited for the nurse to put in my IV. She gave me a numbing shot first, so I barely felt the IV go in. Then my dad and I just waited and watched tv.
pre-op surgery
Pre-surgery. Happy, nervous and excited.

The doctor came in to check on me and go over my procedure. Then the anesthesiologist came in to talk about the drugs he would be administering. I told him I get pretty nauseous after surgery, so he made sure to account for that. He gave me something to relax me and then they took me back to the operating room.

I remember sliding over to the operating table and having my arms stabilized by my sides (so they wouldn't get in the way of surgery). Then I was given some oxygen and I was out.

My surgery lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes and it was a dozy. It was way worse then they thought it would be. My septum was so crooked in many places and I had a bone spur that was so big. This was the first big fix. It is the reason why I was not getting much oxygen through that side of the nose. He fixed my deviated septum, removed the bone spur, shaved my dorsal hump, broke my nose to straighten it out, put cartilage from the bridge of my nose outwards towards my sinuses, put cartilage in tip of my nose to build it up (I had nothing in my tip at all), put other cartilage around my nostrils to widen them a bit and ground up cartilage to put on the bridge of my nose so it wouldn't slope too much.

I woke up in pain and my nurse gave me medicine to help with that. After laying in recovery for awhile with an ice pack, my doctor came to see me to make sure I was doing ok. Then they moved me to the other recovery area. The nurse helped dress me and then I drank some apple juice and hung out until my dad and Rory came back to get discharge and at-home instructions.

The drive home sucked because I thought I was going to be sick, but I never threw up. Thank you nausea patch and zofran. I settled into our recliner and laid there while watching tv and going in and out of sleep. It was hard to sleep since I was in a lot of pain.
septorhinoplasty surgery

septorhinoplasty surgery
Gorgeous right?

Around 6 pm, I had to change my nose pad, so Rory thought it would be a good idea to wash my hair since I had iodine and other surgery stuff all in it. I got in the bath tub, put a towel over my face and Rory washed my hair using the hand sprayer for the shower. Those things are amazing for surgery recovery. I didn't get any water near my face and it felt great to "get clean".

I ate a banana, a chocolate protein drink and a pack of fruit snacks. That was all I could manage to eat without hurting or getting sick.

I slept in the recliner that night, but I didn't sleep well. I couldn't get comfortable and had trouble breathing (as you might expect).
Monday, August 13, 2018

Recovery and Girl Chat Reminder

I don't have anything fun for you today since I am still recovering from surgery, but I wanted to remind you all that this Thursday is our monthly Girl Chat link up. This month's theme is Quotes to Live By.

I will admit, I had a harder time with this one than most of them since I don't post quotes or think about quotes too often. But I did post a few of them that really fuel my life. I can't wait to see your inspirational quotes.
Girl Chat

Girl Chat

Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Favorites

*This post contains affiliate links. When you click a link, it is no cost to you and I make a small commission (pennies) from it. Thank you for supporting Sparkles and Lattes.

Hello All! I wrote this earlier this week, so hopefully everything is still the same or applies. Ha. Right now I should be recovering from nose surgery. I should be knee deep in a good show or sleeping. Sleeping will probably win. But anyways, I have some favorites and happenings below for you to enjoy.

ONE. Surgery. Obviously that is number one this week. Thank you for all the love and sweet messages I got here and on IG. I love this community. Yesterday at 11:30 am, I was wheeled into the operating room to change the inside of my nose forever. Well hopefully forever. I hope I will be able to workout again without gasping for air. I hope to be able to sleep with my mouth shut. I hope to just get more oxygen in general.

So thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes.

TWO. Someone posted on IG this weekend the cutest cardigan and I HAD to have it. I said it was for my birthday and treated myself. I bought it on Sunday when they had 25% off all new arrivals. So I paid $37.46 for this cardigan and then I scooped up this henley tank to go with it. I see myself wearing this a lot this Fall.
AE Slouchy Boyfriend Cardigan

AE Destroyed Henley

THREE. I was gifted the white Native Jefferson shoes I posted about a few weeks ago. And I LOVE them. They are comfy, cute and now I match my little ladies now. You can use these in the garden, for camping, just to wear around and even for travel. Kait wore them for most of her Italy trip.
Native Women's Jefferson Shoes

We just got the girls these two this weekend. They were 30% off at a local boutique. I couldn't pass it up. And of course they had to wear them for their first day of school on Monday.
Native Mary Jane Shoes

Native Jefferson Toddler Shoes

FOUR. I finally finished The Woman in the Window and I loved it. It was really good. I found it to be a bit slow in the beginning, but I loved watching the story develop and unfold. I thought I knew what had happened, but then the twist came and then bam another twist right after that. I would recommend this book. Now I am reading Dead Girl Running and then The Woman in Cabin 10.

FIVE. The air quality has been awful around here lately. One city over from where I work, it was at a level 316 which is considered hazardous. It has been hovering between 100 and 178 where I live and where I work for the last couple weeks. We have fires everywhere surrounding us and I feel like when they start to get one under control, another pops up. It gets to the point where kids are not allowed to go outside and then they get cooped up which makes it stressful all around. Plus I am sick of breathing in this stuff. We have ash on our cars daily lately too.

The whole point of this is not to feel sorry for us (ok maybe just a bit), but to express the need for controlling our campfires, to put out our man made fires correctly, to not throw your cigarette butts out of the window, to pay attention to the fire danger level where you live and travel to and just be conscious.

SIX. I didn't do a weekend update this week since it was TBB week and then I did some thoughts and confessions on Wednesday. So I thought I would give a mini update here.

On Friday, I went out with my friend Heather for my birthday. Well first I had a sushi date with Rory and then met up with Heather. We went to our favorite wine spot and had some rose while chatting. Then we moved the party to Death and Taxes for a cocktail before going to the pizza place next door and ordering a slice. Everything was perfect and it was so much fun catching up with her. Especially since it has been since late April since we have seen each other.
Death and Taxes

Old Fashion and a Whiskey drink

Saturday we ran some errands and then made Joanne Gaines chocolate chip cookies in honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. They came out beautifully and tasted sooo good. I love the hint of sea salt in there. Plus they are so chewy and soft.
Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made sweet potato nachos for dinner and caught up on some recordings.

Sunday morning our plans had changed, so we decided to head to Truckee for breakfast, some shopping around town and just to get out of the smoke.

We headed back to our house for naps and then some time outside in their Jeeps before the smoke got too bad. I made spaghetti with salad and bread for dinner and then gave the girls a bath. It was a nice, easy and pretty relaxing weekend.

I am linking up with AprilA Little Bit of EverythingMeet @ the Barre and Cup of Tea.

Have a great weekend!
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Thoughts and Confessions

I haven't done a thoughts and confessions post in a long time, so I thought today was as good of a day as any.


ONE. My heart is breaking for April and her family. If you haven't seen, April's (who blogs at Smidge of This) daughter Charlotte was recently diagnosed with a terminal and incurable disease. She has Leukodystrophy. I researched it after April posted about it and it is gut wrenching. Not only does she have to worry about Char, but now she has to have her other two children tested as they have a 1 in 4 chance of having it as well. Seriously, this is the worst. If you would like to help, go to the gofundme that was set up for them.

TWO. I am still reeling from this weeks episode of The Affair. Does anyone watch it? I love this show. It has gotten a bit weird this season, but I do still like it. And the big thing that happened this week. Just wow.

THREE. Since I am going to be laid up on the couch for the next many days, send me your Netflix recommendations. I don't have Hulu, so only Netflix or things on Demand.

FOUR. I have a love hate relationship with affiliate links. I use them, but I only recommend things that I have used, love or are purchasing myself/kids/husband. I feel like some bloggers come off as NOT genuine about the links they post. They just want you to click it and get their money from it. I barely make any money from the links I do post, but I do get a bit. So I just want to say thank you for those clicks when you do make them. But I try to describe the product, so you don't have to go through my link if you do not want to. Just keep it real here.


ONE. Above I mention how I love The Affair. I also love Joshua Jackson. I have watched everything of his. From his movies (Mighty Ducks to Cruel Intentions) to his tv shows (Dawson's Pacey). Huge celebrity crush over here.

TWO. I put off getting a facial for 6 months because I would rather spend my money on Botox. But with my surgery tomorrow (yikes), I got a facial yesterday. Lots of people say that the cast being on your nose causes a lot of black heads and I wanted to try to nip it in the butt before. Confession: I miss facials, but love Botox more.

I was due to get my second round about a week ago, but with my surgery, I can't get it for another month-ish.

THREE. Work has been kicking my ass lately.

FOUR. I think my feet have grown in the last year. I still wear an 8, but when I try on shoes lately, I am between an 8 and an 8 1/2. That or companies make their shoes a lot smaller. It makes me sad because I don't want large feet. I know a half size isn't much, but it sounds better when I say, "I wear an 8." Dumb, I know. Ha.

FIVE. I was disgusted when my husband told me that the Target dollar spot sucks and he hates when I buy things in there. Not cool. (This one is meant to be funny.)

SIX. I probably wear my pjs too many days in a row, but when I have my favorites on, I want to keep wearing them.
Monday, August 6, 2018

TBB Asks - Party Edition

It's the first Monday of the month, so that means it is time for another TBB Asks link up. This month's theme is party.
TBB Asks Party

1. Favorite Birthday Party as a Child? Oh I can't even remember these. I know I did go to a water slide park that I loved. 

2. Do you like to Entertain? Yes or No? I love the thought of entertaining, but I do get stressed out when we actually do entertain.

3. What kind of Parties are your favorite? I love all parties.

4. Big or Small Parties? Small parties. I have done both big and small, but with a small party, you can interact with your guests more.

5. Favorite thing to do at Parties? Eat.

6. Party Food Favorites? Taco dip, cake, spiked punch, fruit salad and dips.

7. Favorite Flavor of Birthday cake? Funfetti all the way.

8. Balloons? Yes or No? Sure.

9. Best Party Song? I can't even think of one other than Happy Birthday and that isn't THE best party song.

10. Do you like to Dance? Yes or No? Yes I do. Can I dance? That is to be determined.