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Monday, May 1, 2017

This weekend was full of sunshine and hard labor. I am exhausted and I am frantically prepping to go to Vegas this afternoon, but I wanted to squeeze in a blog post before I go. I had zero energy last night, so I didn't get the chance to write one before bed. So it is coming at you late today.

Friday was pretty stressful at work, so once my half day was over (thank goodness my boss was kind enough to still let me do a half day), we picked up the girls from daycare, headed to grab some sandwiches and came home to eat quickly. Once I finished my sandwich, I changed and headed over to see my friend for a pedicure. My toes were in desperate need and with all the stress at work lately, it was just what the doctor ordered. My toes are now a pretty minty glittery blue.

After my pedicure, I headed over to Trader Joes for some snacks, wine, cheese and cookies. The basics. Once I got home, we headed out for a walk to burn off some energy the girls had since their naps were pretty nonexistent that day.

While on our walk, both girls fell down and scrapped their knees. Avery's was worse than her sisters and broke through her pants.
scrapped knee

Sutton also decided that our brick wall needed to be swept.
toddlers cleaning house

I wanted the girls to try my spaghetti, so I headed over to the grocery store to pick up the stuff I needed and came home and started dinner. But the girls got hungry while it was simmering (takes over an hour to simmer), so they ate chicken, green beans and cookies for dessert. Rory and I had spaghetti, bread and wine plus some Parenthood to cap off the evening.

Saturday morning we headed out to breakfast and then Target for a few items for the girls. Plus I needed a birthday card for the party we are going to Thursday evening. The girls got new sandals and couldn't stop talking about them. They wanted to wear them everywhere.
Cat and Jack toddler sandals
Cat and Jack toddler sandals
Cat and Jack toddler sandals
Don't mind their messy hair. They need a haircut and a barrette.

I headed out to get a birthday gift for the 2 year olds birthday we have on Thursday and also to pick up some make up that I had recently ran out of. I got home just in time for Rory to head out to the Spring football game and to put the girls down for their naps. They took 2 1/2 hour naps and were very happy once they got up.

While the girls slept, a package arrived for them with some new pjs from Hanna Andersson.
Hanna Andersson toddler pjs

We played and snacked until Rory came home and then headed out for Mexican food. My girls love Mexican food, so it is always a sure bet that they will eat and behave. We were at dinner for quite awhile, but then we took a drive and came home just in time for the girls' bedtime. Then we settled in for more Parenthood and bedtime.

Sunday morning we headed out to breakfast again and to carb load because we had plans to move 7 yards of DG (large pathway pebbles) from the street into the backyard. Rory was going to do this on his own with my help of laying the weed mat, but I ended up helping with the entire thing which was good since it took us 4 1/2 hours to complete and we were soooo tired. He wouldn't have gotten it done yesterday and would have been way more sore.

The girls played with chalk, watched us while we worked and ate some snacks in their chairs, they helped by racking a bit and picking up rocks. I did have a few diaper changes, lunch to prep and putting the girls down for a nap in there, but we successfully moved all 7 yards. But today I am exhausted and sooooo sore from it. What a workout.
Backyard renovations before
Backyard renovations before
Backyard renovations before

And after...
Backyard renovations after dg
Backyard renovations after dg
Backyard renovations after dg

We need to get one more yard of dg to put under our grape vines and a little touch up here and there, but it turned out very nicely. We also need to put the rocks you see in the above picture out, put in a few stone steps and then we are complete. This will be so much better for our pup and for the girls to play in.

After we finished, we took showers, gave the girls a snack once they got up, and then I had to sweep the kitchen area (dirt was tracked in) and vacuum the house. Once that was all done, I headed to the grocery store. I got to the store and didn't want to get out of the car because I was soooo tired and sitting down felt amazing. Ha. But I got my errands done and headed home in time for my in-laws to arrive with pizza and salad for everyone.

We had dinner (which the girls ate a ton) and then my in-laws took the girls on a walk while we did some laundry and got things ready for the week ahead. Once they got back, it was bath time and then snuggle time until it was the girls' bedtime. We watched some tv, Rory gave Walter a walk and then we ended our evening with a glass of wine after a successful day.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Those girls & their sandals. I'm jealous ;)
    I love when my back yard gets cleaned up & ready to enjoy for the warmer days ahead. I need to get on that. My back yard is just full of everything wrong right now.

  2. How precious are the girls in their new sandals, and yay for Trader Joes basics - the best! Have an amazing time in Vegas, and good luck <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. The sandals and the PJs are just too cute for words. I was seriously swooning over them. LOVE! And, gotta love your Trader Joe's necessities. Also, I finally made the lettuce wraps this weekend. Thank you so much for the recommendation...amazing! And, have fun in VEGAS!

  4. Those little sandals are just so cute! Cat & Jack is really on it with the cuteness for little girls! I would love to have both of those for Olivia but she already has plenty of shoes for summer! Enjoy your trip to VEGAS, you lucky girl!

  5. The yard looks great!! Love the girl's new sandals and PJ's!! I bet your tootsies look so cute with the fresh pedicure!! Have a great start to your week pretty lady!

    1. Thank you so much. It is still a work in progress but we are working on it.

  6. My kids love their sandals and flip flops. And the amount of times a day I wipe up scrapes and scratches is so high. Ha ha! Have a great week.

  7. Wow what an awesome weekend! Love the girls new pjs! And awesome job in the yard! That looks like a lot of work, I bet you guys are glad it's (mostly) done!

  8. That's a lot of hard work! Good thing you had your cute girls in sandals to keep you company!

  9. They are too cute in their new sandals! The backyard looks great!


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