Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Old Navy Toddler Sale

I can't believe Fall is almost here and today is the last day of August. Didn't we just start this month? We are really excited for everything Fall. The clothes are snuggly. The food is full of spice and pumpkin. There is football to watch and yummy candles to burn. Bring it on.

With a new season, brings new clothes. While I would love to completely change my closet up, I just don't have the means. But I can and will change up my girls' wardrobe. Old Navy was having a sale and it is still going on through the 31st on almost everything. So I hit up there sale and quickly had a bag of 30 items for $200. My husband asked that I reel it back in a bit since I will be shopping for them in Europe, so I paired it down to about 15 items for $100. I call it a win.

Here is what I snagged my girls from Old Navy this week.
Old Navy Sale

One/Two Three/Four Five/Six Seven/Eight

Old Navy Sale Finds 2

One Two Three Four Five Six

The girls really needed some new long sleeve shirts, some new pjs since we transitioned out of their flying squirrel sleep sacks and pants. I plan on buying more pants, but my in-laws recently bought them some jeans and yoga style pants. 

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  1. Adorable! I'm so ready for fall clothes. Can't wait!

  2. Old Navy has such cute kid clothes! We got our friends' twin babies some baby clothes from there when they were first born and I had such a hard time picking stuff out because I wanted to get it all!

  3. I love Old Navy! And I love the outfits you chose!

  4. I LOVE old navy's kids clothes! I swear most of #babybigtrucks clothes come from there Target or carters!

  5. Old Navy has the cutest kids clothes - at great prices since they grow out of them so fast

  6. Old Navy seriously has the best clothes. I usually have to refrain myself when I shop there because I want to buy up every single item they have! Love the outfits you put together for your girls!

    1. They really do! I want to buy it all as well.

  7. We just stocked up on toddler/baby stuff at Old Navy as well. I dropped about $125 and got a ton of stuff!

  8. Old Navy has me swooning over the kids' clothes! I got Olivia a few things a couple of weeks ago, but she's going to need a lot more, so I have an excuse to shop. Yay! All of the stuff you got for the girls is so cute!

  9. Oh how fun! I definitely need to head there asap!

  10. Old Navy has such cute children clothing and they have the best sales. Love the things you picked out for the twins.