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What's Up Wednesday

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It has been awhile since I participated in a What's Up Wednesday and I finally got a prompt to do it before I wrote my other scheduled post out.
What's Up Wednesday


Well this is an off week in that we have a lot of appointments between Rory and I after work. But I am managing to cook a bit this week.

Sunday: Spicy Meatball Subs with Blistered Green Beans
Monday: Chrissy Tiegan's Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Tuesday: I had a hair appointment, so I picked up dinner on the way home.
Wednesday: Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries
Thursday: Rory has an early softball game, so a salad for me and a burger after his game with his teammates for him.
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Unsure


My friend's wedding last year. This Sunday they celebrate their one year anniversary. Love this couple and the love they share for each other.
Spring Wedding attire


Finding new Rose wines that I can have in the Spring and Summer, evening family walks, seeing my nephew, my new Toyota Highlander and so much more.


Work has been crazy lately, so I have been going full force there which means a bit has been taken home too. We have been spending time outside when it is warm, but Spring weather is very bipolar here.


My two big work meetings. One is next Tuesday and the other is in July. I have some crazy things on the agenda and it has been causing a lot of stress lately. While I am dreading them, it will be good for them to be off of my plate.


As I mentioned in the dreading part, it is also what I have been up to lately. It also means that I travel to Vegas for both of those meetings. At least there is a bit of a silver lining there. 

I am also working on some Spring cleaning in the house. I have been going through the girls' stuff and selling things online along with prepping, tagging and setting things aside for the next consignment sale. 


Our camping trip and our two Graeagle trips. I look forward to them each year and this year is no different. Our first camping trip is over Memorial Day weekend with my family and then the following weekend we are spending a long weekend in Graeagle. Our week long trip to Graeagle isn't until August though. 

I am also excited to see my girlfriends and their kids next week at my friend's daughters second birthday party. I am braving it alone with my girls and have high hopes they will play with all the other kids while mommy has a glass of wine with her girlfriends.


I am reading All the Missing Girls which was recommended to me by Biana from B Loved Boston (I think). I am watching Prison Break, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Parenthood and Grey's Anatomy.


Mostly my favorite stations on Sirius XM. I used to have it for the first two years that I had my Subaru, but then they upped the price so much that I got rid of it. Now that I have my new SUV, I have a free three months of it, so I am enjoying it while I can before I will cancel it again.

I am loving Ed Sheeran's new album, the Chainsmokers and some classic Justin Timberlake right now.


I have been on the hunt for new jeans for awhile now. I never buy myself jeans, but since I have been running a lot lately, I knew I needed something. I scoped some jeans out online, but needed to try them on first. When I went to Buckle, they didn't have any of the jeans I saw online, but I tried on a few others and fell in love with these ones. They feel so soft, comfy, form fitting and are long enough. What I don't like is the price. Ouch, but well worth it to feel this good in jeans.

Big Star Vintage jeans

I have also been scooping up anything with pineapples on it, some basic tees from Nordstrom (and here). I can't wait to wear shorts and dresses all weekend, but we are still teetering between blizzards and sunshine on the daily.


Not much at all. I am mostly hanging out with the girls while my husband attends the Spring football game and "lays" dg in the backyard on Sunday. I am hoping to escape for a brunch Sunday morning.


A quick trip to Vegas, camping, going to Lake Tahoe for the first time this year and brunches with my best friends.


- My girls are mimicking everything. We listen to the Colin Coherd show on the way home from work most evenings. Gotta get our sports updates and there is a part where someone says "Whhhaaattt" and my girls say it right after him every time. They love copying everything we say and do right now.

- We measured the girls recently and they are just over 36 inches. I can't believe how tall they are!


I am really loving t-strap and lace up sandals. They go with most of my Spring and Summer attire and stay on my feet. 
 Sam Edelman t-strap sandals
Cole Haan Anica Sandals

I am still loving my Dolce Vita wedges from last year. They have already made a few appearances lately.


  1. Sounds like you have some fun stuff coming up in the next month!! I always love having things to look forward to in the coming weeks :)

  2. A work trip to vegas doesn't sound terrible!! Love all those summer sandles. Super cute! XM radio is my favorite. I had to end up paying for it Bc I just couldn't give it up after the free trial!

  3. You have so much to look forward to! Sorry about the big work meetings, but hopefully once those are over you can relax a little bit.

  4. Oooo I found a new rose at Trader Joe's last week! The girl working recommended it to me, can't remember the name of course, but it was like $3! I'll send it to you once I'm not so lazy to go check hahaha. Yay for a quick vegas trip! Me and Rick have been dying to get back there! Love those jeans and sandals!!

  5. I want to go to Vegas! Too bad it's for work, but still!

  6. We're loving and listening to the same things currently (minus the highlander part ha) Your dinners sound amazing and I feel like I need to step up my game at home! Love those sandal picks!

  7. I have that book on my list to read at some point. I've heard it is really good! My husband and I have a huge joke about Sirius. I recently cancelled with them after 4 years or so, BUT when your contract runs up give them a call and negotiate. They will work with you if you keep asking for their lowest, best offer or you will walk. It's annoying to call, but worth it if you are price conscious and love the stations.

  8. Vegas...YES but I hear you, work can give me major stress! I'm in the hunt for some new jeans too. Bring on Summer pretty lady!

  9. Oh gosh... that's when you REALLY gotta watch what you say yourself when you have little parrots following you ;) haha
    My husband's favorite jeans are Buckle jeans & he's a jean snob.
    I'm so excited to start sandal shopping!!!

  10. A work trip to Vegas doesn't sound too bad. You are quite the busy busy bee, hope your work meetings go well.

  11. Good luck with your big meetings and hellllllo Vegas! And I need all of those sandals - super cute <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. Oh I love those sandals. Those jeans are great too. Also, your camping trips sound like fun. Do you guys really rough it? I'm not sure I could handle full blown camping, but with a little boy I foresee this in our future, hahaha. Good luck with your upcoming meetings. Can't wait to follow along on all the fun things you have in store!

  13. Those jeans are gorgeous! I am so picky about jeans and it's rare for me to find any that I truly love!

  14. Yum! You menu sounds delicious!

  15. Ooo, those jeans are cute! That price though! I remember when Big Stars were actually affordable jeans but not anymore, haha. I get a lot of jeans from The Buckle and Daytrip is actually my favorite brand! I feel like they fit great & they are wayyyy cheaper than most of their other jeans. I love the look of lace up sandals but haven't found the right pair yet. :(

  16. Looking forward to hearing about your camping trip! My husband has been wanting to go camping for a while and I'm a little hesitant about it! Haha! Have a great weekend!

  17. The food at this place was delicious. The menu options we had at wedding venues Los Angeles were great (it was hard to choose) and one course was better than the next. It was great that they had different options for those who didn't eat what we served.


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